Beach Rooftop Bar: Tanner’s Treehouse

Treehouse Bar

Some people from work were wanting to meet up and do a Happy Hour together. However, we needed to find a place that was a good halfway point for everyone. After searching multiple places and looking over the menus we finally decided on a place. Huntington Beach felt like the best location for a Happy […]

Asian Culinary Adventure: Nova


I was originally supposed to go to The Fifth with another friend but the timing did not work out for that day. Luckily after another quick search, I came across Nova Kitchen and Bar which was the perfect halfway point for both of us. The facade alone for Nova is quite impressive and inviting. Anyone […]

Another Pizza Happy Hour: Pizza Twists

Pizza Twist

I’d have to say at least a quarter of my Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventures have been pizza-related. What can I say, I enjoy everything pizza has to offer so I tend to steer towards it more often. You’ve seen everything from hand-held Pizza Sliders to a skillet filled with gooey and cheesy Pizza […]

Taste of Thailand: Pad Thai Guy

We’ve had plenty of different cuisines of Asian origins from Vietnamese at Nguyen’s Kitchen to Taiwanese food at Din Tai Fung. Now it’s time to let our taste buds go to Thailand for this Delivery Happy Hour Adventure. I don’t have it nearly as much as I would have liked to but every time I […]

Laziest Make Your Own Happy Hour Ever: Home Sweet Home

While doing my meal prep shopping at Trader Joe’s I perused around the freezer section. The way the store is set up currently is to have people wait in the freezer aisle until an available register is open. It’s the perfect set up to buy that last-minute ice cream or in my case appetizer. Pastry […]

Classic California Takeout: Harbour Rackhouse

On Friday, I headed on over to my Dad’s house to drop off his and my Grandpa’s Father’s Day card. Since I was over there I figured I’d enjoy a Happy Hour with my Dad and Christine. While they headed to Trader Joe’s for grocery shopping I headed on over to the restaurant to get […]

Seafood Medley Happy Hour: SlapFish

I’m sitting at my home office on my birthday when I get an email from two of the people I work with. I open it up and to my amazement, it was a $50 Door Dash gift card! I was totally taken off guard by it because I was not expecting a gift plus one […]

Burger Special Monday: Mastro’s Steakhouse

My dad was giving me the scoop on a burger special that Mastro’s Steakhouse does every Monday. So I was tasked with the mission of picking up the food and get it delivered straight over to the house. I’m the delivery guy when it comes to Mastro’s since it is pretty much just down the […]