Buffalo Chicken Poppers: Home Sweet Home

Buffalo Chicken Poppers

I know I just did a Lazy Happy Hour Adventure two weeks ago, but I found something at Trader Joe’s that was irresistible and had to give them a try. I’m not sure about all of you but sometimes you walk through Trader Joe’s and you end up coming out with a lot more items […]

Happy Hour Error: Poultrygram & Happy’s

The main premise of this Happy Hour revolves around the 10% discount that Door Dash was offering on all alcohol! So I could not resist an opportunity like this to get discounted alcohol delivered straight to my door. However, we can’t just be having drinks so that is when I found a brand new place […]

Chique Patio Dining: Social Kitchen + Craft Bar

I’m wrapping up work on this particular Wednesday and decided that I was looking for some excitement. Before I started blogging I have only been to this specific location once for Happy Hour. I’ve been wanting to return for a while but as of recently they completely altered their Happy Hour schedule during these unprecedented […]

Double Happy Hour Adventure: Bosscat & Ten Asian Bistro

You might remember that back in March I ended up getting some Happy Hour To Go from Ten Asian Bistro. However back at this point in time restaurants were only doing food to go. Cocktails To Go was not a thing yet so I promised them that I would return to give their drinks a […]

Cajun Shrimp Skewers: Home Sweet Home

I’m someone that goes into a grocery store on a mission and with a setlist of items to purchase. It helps me stay on budget and not go out of my way on purchasing unnecessary snacks because we all know that snacking has become a huge thing during the times of quarantine. But even someone […]

OC Restaurant Week and Happy Hour: Great Maple

It was another rainy day in what is supposed to be Sunny Southern California. However, I wanted to have dinner with my dad and Christine anyways. Since it was OC Restaurant Week I recommended a few places that had both a special menu for dinner and a little Happy Hour before.    Sign inside the […]

New York Deli Happy Hour Takeout: Benjies Deli

After five calls all of which were either continuously ringing or going straight to voicemail, I finally was able to get through to one place. At first, they said they would only be able to do Happy Hour food, which I was going to be fine with. But then they said they would be able […]

Barbeque Happy Hour: Bosscat Kitchen + Libations

Today was another long day at work! So I decided the one thing I needed to get me into a happy mood was a little Happy Hour Adventure! I went to a place that I have been to plenty of times through work and among other activities. However, I have never truly gone for strictly […]