Cajun Delivery: Cajun Islands

After completing meal prepping and a Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure I was exhausted. Obviously, I wasn’t going to cook up a meal for dinner so I took the lazy route and ordered delivery. I took out my trusty phone and starting scrolling through the Specials section for some good deals. Website After scrolling, […]

Pizza Quesadillas: Home Sweet Home

You may remember my Pizza Sliders Adventure from a couple of weeks ago. From that Adventure, I still had Pizza sauce and mozzarella sauce. Plus I had some pepperoni that I had gotten for my tropical hideaway getaway to have with some cheese and crackers. So as always I wasn’t going to let all of […]

Fried Mac and Cheese Bites: Home Sweet Home

I’m sitting at home trying to determine what I was going to make for my next Happy Hour Adventure. I decided to look through my cupboards and fridge for potential ingredients. I found a couple of eggs, flour, and panko bread crumbs. Not enough to make an actual appetizer but an idea started forming in […]

Coastal Happy Hour: California Fish Grill

After finishing up my meal prep I decided I was too lazy to make something for dinner, so the only solution is having a Happy Hour Adventure. I had enough credits left on my Door Dash account from my birthday for one last delivery. So after researching a couple of places I decided on a […]

Pigs in a Blanket: Home Sweet Home

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but when it comes to Happy Hours no one wants to do any work to get that delicious food and drink into your belly. Plus no one wants to spend a lot of money to get the ingredients to craft a Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure. For this […]

Cheesy Chorizo Bites: Home Sweet Home

Sometimes you just need to clear up some space in the fridge to make sure everything is in order. I had enough chorizo to create a brand new recipe I have never attempted before. I was in luck because this recipe only involves four ingredients and I already had two of them. All the booze! […]

Mexican Burger Happy Hour Adventure: Home Sweet Home

When I was shopping at the grocery store for my meal prep for the week I walked by all the proteins. Then my eyes gazed over to the ground beef and the craving hit. I’m feeling like I need a burger in my life. But you have seen plenty of burgers on prior Adventures, so […]

Lazy Yet Fancy Happy Hour: Home Sweet Home

I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough to make my own Happy Hours and then write about them. Sometimes it’s nice to take it easy every once in a while. That is when I decided I’m going to go for a Lazy Yet Fancy Happy Hour.   Barrel or Cask   I am signed […]

Nacho Ordinary Happy Hour: Home Sweet Home

I decided to have another Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure on this particular Saturday. I do apologize for the terrible pun in the title but it had to be done since that is what this Happy Hour is all about. However, we have to give it that special OC Happy Hour Adventures twist.   […]

Make Your Own Happy Hour: Home Sweet Home

I decided to do something a little different. Since it is becoming more and more difficult finding restaurants open or are serving Happy Hour I created my own Happy Hour. I know that when one thinks of Happy Hour it is an escape from work, not something that involves more work. Well, you’d be surprised […]