Dinner Happy Hour: Toast Kitchen + Bakery


I know I skipped last week’s post but I need a break as well. This was a Dinner Happy Hour and the reason I call it this is the fact that Toast only has this menu for dinner. It makes me think is this a Happy Hour or is it just a dinner menu? Regardless, […]

Beach Rooftop Bar: Tanner’s Treehouse

Treehouse Bar

Some people from work were wanting to meet up and do a Happy Hour together. However, we needed to find a place that was a good halfway point for everyone. After searching multiple places and looking over the menus we finally decided on a place. Huntington Beach felt like the best location for a Happy […]

Healthy Appetizer: Home Sweet Home

I decided that I would go a different route in a Make Your Own Happy Hour with a healthier twist. Well, I guess a semi-healthy twist since this does involve a breading component to it. But hey you gotta have a little bit of unhealthiness when it comes to Happy Hours. Because after all, we […]

Covered Patio Happy Hour: The Country Club

I ended up going for a drive on Friday because I just really needed to get out since I had such a long week at work. I drove around the Costa Mesa area and came across the Country Club. This is a place that has become known as the after-party for many of our Office […]

OC Restaurant Week and Happy Hour: Great Maple

It was another rainy day in what is supposed to be Sunny Southern California. However, I wanted to have dinner with my dad and Christine anyways. Since it was OC Restaurant Week I recommended a few places that had both a special menu for dinner and a little Happy Hour before.    Sign inside the […]

Cajun Happy Hour: Campus Jax

Some workdays tend to be a little tougher than usual, so the best thing I do to relax is by going out on a Happy Hour Adventure! I headed on over right around the corner from work because it seems like my office building is surrounded by restaurants and bars. I was able to find […]