DoorDash Takeout: Din Tai Fung

Whenever I think of DoorDash or UberEats I always think of someone dropping off food straight to my door. Something that I’ve seen on these apps though is an option that allows the customer to pick it up themselves. I think this is a great alternative option for those that want to avoid all of […]

Burger Special Monday: Mastro’s Steakhouse

My dad was giving me the scoop on a burger special that Mastro’s Steakhouse does every Monday. So I was tasked with the mission of picking up the food and get it delivered straight over to the house. I’m the delivery guy when it comes to Mastro’s since it is pretty much just down the […]

Upscale American Happy Hour: Paul Martin’s

In our last Happy Hour Adventure, I was enjoying a little bit of Habana’s at the Irvine Spectrum until it was time to meet my dad at the next destination. Originally we were only going to go for their OC Restaurant Week Menu, but we were able to fit in a Happy Hour as well. […]