Entree Happy Hour: The Recess Room

My dad called asking if I wanted to meet up for a Happy Hour in the area after the workday. So after sending over a list of outdoor Happy Hours we finally decided on one that was halfway between us. We decided to meet up right at 5 which was when the restaurant opened and […]

Happy Hour with Dessert: Slater’s 50/50

I was heading over to my Dad’s house for a Friday night in the jacuzzi and we decided to meet up for a patio Happy Hour. Orange County did just recently move from the Purple tier which meant no indoor dining to Red for 25% occupancy indoor dining. Although I don’t think I’m ready for […]

Double Happy Hour Adventure: Bosscat & Ten Asian Bistro

You might remember that back in March I ended up getting some Happy Hour To Go from Ten Asian Bistro. However back at this point in time restaurants were only doing food to go. Cocktails To Go was not a thing yet so I promised them that I would return to give their drinks a […]

Covered Patio Happy Hour: The Country Club

I ended up going for a drive on Friday because I just really needed to get out since I had such a long week at work. I drove around the Costa Mesa area and came across the Country Club. This is a place that has become known as the after-party for many of our Office […]

Expensive “Happy Hour” Adventure: Eureka!

A little background on this “Happy Hour” Adventure before we get into things. To continue my journey of being an adult I figured it was time to get a second credit card. Back in May, I applied for the Chase Unlimited Freedom card because I saw a special deal going where if you spend $500 […]

Limited Time “Happy Hour” Adventure: Spice-C

Being the foodie I am, I am subscribed to many different blogs to keep me updated on all things food. While scrolling through my email I noticed that there was a new hot fried chicken place opening at the Tustin District Legacy. You may remember my Bar Louie Happy Hour Adventure at the District in […]

Outdoor Happy Hour: Twenty Eight

On this particular Friday, I actually had the day off! My work was kind enough to give us the day off since this year the 4th of July landed on a Saturday. My dad had the day off and both he and Christine needed to run a bunch of errands and were in the area. […]

Belated Birthday Meal: Red Robin

For those of you that remember I celebrated my birthday last month and ordered in some Slap Fish while video chatting with my family. Not sure if you are aware but there are restaurants, mostly chains, that offer up something free for your birthday. I usually try to stray away from chain restaurants for my […]

Taste of Brazil: Taste Brazilian Style Gourmet

This past Friday involved another team virtual lunch! If you remember the Nguyen’s Kitchen Adventure then you know I was given a Door Dash gift card to get lunch. Since I had received a Door Dash gift card for my birthday I decided to spend a little extra on this Adventure. Drink and a Fire […]

Multi-Adventure Happy Hour: Multiple Places

This Happy Hour Adventure is a little unique in the sense I had the opportunity to make it into a multiple Adventures. All the foods and drinks you see will range from a Happy Hour you’ve seen before, to a burger place, to a special surprise within my neighborhood! A Wonderful Ocean View Above you […]