Taco Tuesday and Happy Hour: GuacAmigos


When it comes to Tuesdays there is one food people tend to associate it with, Tacos. After a little research, I found out that the phrase Taco Tuesday originated in a place I never would have thought in a million years, South Dakota (Thrillist). Who would have thought that the phrase would have originated in […]

Another Take Out Taco Tuesday: Holé Molé

You know that I’m always a fan of Taco Tuesday! Who doesn’t love indulging in a variety of tacos with that flavorful salsa and a spike of citrus from the lime? If I had the choice I would probably be having tacos every single day. But for now, I think I will save them for […]

Taco Tuesday To Go: Fishbonz Seafood Grill

It is starting to get more and more difficult to seek out not just Happy Hours for takeout, but also just restaurants that are even open. I called five places, three of them had the phones keep ringing and ringing, another one discontinued their Happy Hour before all this even happened, and the other one […]

Happy Hour To Go: Taco Asylum

I decided to switch up the order of my posts to relay more a more prevalent Happy Hour Adventure given the current circumstances. In the time of COVID-19, restaurants are one of the industries that are hardest hit by the virus. Many are shutting down, while some are just offering pick-up and delivery. Since my […]