DoorDash Takeout: Din Tai Fung

Whenever I think of DoorDash or UberEats I always think of someone dropping off food straight to my door. Something that I’ve seen on these apps though is an option that allows the customer to pick it up themselves. I think this is a great alternative option for those that want to avoid all of […]

Escape to the Italian Happy Hour: Maggiano’s

The day I frequented this Happy Hour was on a Friday and I really needed to end the long week with something new. This was actually the very first time I had visited this restaurant and its Happy Hour, so my excitement could not be contained.   Restaurant Front   Maggiano’s Little Italy is right […]

Chain Happy Hour: Claim Jumper

Something about my personal life, I tend to meal prep on Sunday for the week but since I didn’t get back from Guadalajara until Tuesday night I had no chance to prep. That being said I had the perfect place in mind for where I was going to get a pretty hefty meal at a […]