Taco Tuesday and Happy Hour: GuacAmigos


When it comes to Tuesdays there is one food people tend to associate it with, Tacos. After a little research, I found out that the phrase Taco Tuesday originated in a place I never would have thought in a million years, South Dakota (Thrillist). Who would have thought that the phrase would have originated in […]

Fancy Delivery: Olea Cellar. Craft. Cook

Signature Duck Wings

A while back ago I had gotten a coupon for $10 off for delivery from the Caviar App in the mail. For those of you that don’t know about Caviar, think of it as the fancy version of Door Dash. The app tends to have higher-end restaurant offerings so if you are looking for the […]

Multi-Adventure Happy Hour: Multiple Places

This Happy Hour Adventure is a little unique in the sense I had the opportunity to make it into a multiple Adventures. All the foods and drinks you see will range from a Happy Hour you’ve seen before, to a burger place, to a special surprise within my neighborhood! A Wonderful Ocean View Above you […]

Work Sponsored Virtual Lunch: Nguyen’s Kitchen

As you know the situation is becoming increasingly harder on the restaurant industry throughout California and the U.S. It is going to be more and more difficult to actually find places that are just open in general. This is going to be the first post and not the last, that won’t actually be an actual […]

OC Restaurant Week and Happy Hour: Great Maple

It was another rainy day in what is supposed to be Sunny Southern California. However, I wanted to have dinner with my dad and Christine anyways. Since it was OC Restaurant Week I recommended a few places that had both a special menu for dinner and a little Happy Hour before.    Sign inside the […]

Another Takeout Happy Hour: Ten Asian Bistro

I was consumed at work on the second half of my Friday that I ended up working through lunch. Honestly, the whole week was very busy, so I decided to leave slightly early. And by leave, I meant to get off my computer from my home office. I decided to start calling places to find […]

Locale Magazine Social Hour: GuacAmigos

For the life of me, I can’t remember how I first found out about both Locale Magazine and the Social Hour event they do every so often. Regardless this is one of my favorite things that Locale Magazine does because for $10 you get a drink and for the most part all you can eat. […]

Pre Happy Hour: Mama’s Comfort Food and Cocktails

You’re probably wondering what exactly is a Pre Happy Hour? Well, it’s when you decide last minute to go to a Happy Hour before going to the actual one you are in the area attending.   Mama’s with some Natural Beauty   Mama’s Comfort Food and Cocktails   Right next door to the Happy Hour […]

Barbeque Happy Hour: Bosscat Kitchen + Libations

Today was another long day at work! So I decided the one thing I needed to get me into a happy mood was a little Happy Hour Adventure! I went to a place that I have been to plenty of times through work and among other activities. However, I have never truly gone for strictly […]

Upscale Happy Hour: Andrea Ristorante

I went on a little weekend getaway with my parents by having a staycation at the Marriott Newport Beach Villas. Newport Beach has some amazing Happy Hours, but some you may have to adventure into some of the amazing resorts in the area.   Pelican Hill Sign   Our hotel is right at the base […]