Oktoberfest Happy Hour: Old World Restaurant

I’m flipping around some of my content because I felt this Adventure is more relevant. I know Oktoberfest has passed and everyone is getting ready for the upcoming holidays. However, I wanted to share my Oktoberfest Happy Hour Adventure at the Old World Restaurant in Huntington Beach.  Old World is more than just a restaurant. […]

Beach Rooftop Bar: Tanner’s Treehouse

Treehouse Bar

Some people from work were wanting to meet up and do a Happy Hour together. However, we needed to find a place that was a good halfway point for everyone. After searching multiple places and looking over the menus we finally decided on a place. Huntington Beach felt like the best location for a Happy […]

Pit Stop Happy Hour: Solita Tacos & Margaritas

I was heading to my dad’s house for the weekend since they were going to be gone for the weekend so I thought it would be a great time to relax in the jacuzzi. But before heading over I ended up making a quick pit stop. What better pit stop than a Happy Hour Adventure? […]

Happy Hour with Dessert: Slater’s 50/50

I was heading over to my Dad’s house for a Friday night in the jacuzzi and we decided to meet up for a patio Happy Hour. Orange County did just recently move from the Purple tier which meant no indoor dining to Red for 25% occupancy indoor dining. Although I don’t think I’m ready for […]

Expensive “Happy Hour” Adventure: Eureka!

A little background on this “Happy Hour” Adventure before we get into things. To continue my journey of being an adult I figured it was time to get a second credit card. Back in May, I applied for the Chase Unlimited Freedom card because I saw a special deal going where if you spend $500 […]

Classic California Takeout: Harbour Rackhouse

On Friday, I headed on over to my Dad’s house to drop off his and my Grandpa’s Father’s Day card. Since I was over there I figured I’d enjoy a Happy Hour with my Dad and Christine. While they headed to Trader Joe’s for grocery shopping I headed on over to the restaurant to get […]

Taste of Brazil: Taste Brazilian Style Gourmet

This past Friday involved another team virtual lunch! If you remember the Nguyen’s Kitchen Adventure then you know I was given a Door Dash gift card to get lunch. Since I had received a Door Dash gift card for my birthday I decided to spend a little extra on this Adventure. Drink and a Fire […]

Speed Run Happy Hour: Bear Flag Fish Co.

I’m going to make this one short and sweet for all of you Happy Hour Adventurers out there. I know I’ve been diving into a lot of Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventures, so I wanted to bring up a takeout place. Just as a heads up this may not be an actual Happy Hour, […]

Pre-Birthday Happy Hour: Sandy’s Beach Shack

I kinda made it to Main Street Huntington Beach way earlier than I was supposed to. I was meeting up with some friends to celebrate a birthday at 6 pm. So what does my Happy Hour Adventurer self venture off to? Well, a Happy Hour of course!   Huntington Beach Pier   Good old Huntington […]

Saturday Happy Hour: Red Table

After two weeks I was finally able to head to my parent’s place in Huntington Beach to show them pictures of my Guadalajara trip. Although we didn’t get the chance to go through them all, unfortunately. Since I was in the area we decided to head over to one place I would frequent a lot […]