Walking Distance Sushi Happy Hour: Maru Sushi

Huntington Beach Roll

I feel like recently I’ve been behind on my Happy Hours and have been doing them on Thursdays and Fridays. Then I write them over the weekend before posting them on Tuesdays. This Adventure is no exception but luckily I found this restaurant right around the corner from my place and was able to walk […]

Quick and Lazy Fusion Adventure: Home Sweet Home

Philly Cheesesteak Bao Buns

I haven’t done one of my Lazy Adventures in a while so I figured it was time to do one since I wasn’t feeling like waiting around or cooking up anything. I headed over to the nearest Trader Joe’s, my go-to spot for unique easy appetizers. My roommate a couple of weeks ago had gotten […]

Entree Happy Hour: The Recess Room

My dad called asking if I wanted to meet up for a Happy Hour in the area after the workday. So after sending over a list of outdoor Happy Hours we finally decided on one that was halfway between us. We decided to meet up right at 5 which was when the restaurant opened and […]

Pizza Quesadillas: Home Sweet Home

You may remember my Pizza Sliders Adventure from a couple of weeks ago. From that Adventure, I still had Pizza sauce and mozzarella sauce. Plus I had some pepperoni that I had gotten for my tropical hideaway getaway to have with some cheese and crackers. So as always I wasn’t going to let all of […]

Last-Minute Happy Hour: Krazy Nacho Fries

I’m wrapping up work on Wednesday when I realized I did not have any content prepared for Friday’s post, so this was a pretty last minute Happy Hour. I’m currently writing this the night before it goes live on Friday. I started scrolling through Door Dash to see what deals were available in the area. […]

Outdoor Happy Hour: Twenty Eight

On this particular Friday, I actually had the day off! My work was kind enough to give us the day off since this year the 4th of July landed on a Saturday. My dad had the day off and both he and Christine needed to run a bunch of errands and were in the area. […]

Classic California Takeout: Harbour Rackhouse

On Friday, I headed on over to my Dad’s house to drop off his and my Grandpa’s Father’s Day card. Since I was over there I figured I’d enjoy a Happy Hour with my Dad and Christine. While they headed to Trader Joe’s for grocery shopping I headed on over to the restaurant to get […]

Gifted Happy Hour: Home Sweet Home

The main reason for this Happy Hour Adventure revolves around items that I received from my mom for my birthday and just a random gift. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use these items to create a great Happy Hour Adventure. Mystery Concoction The mystery liquid you see above took approximately two […]

Mexican Burger Happy Hour Adventure: Home Sweet Home

When I was shopping at the grocery store for my meal prep for the week I walked by all the proteins. Then my eyes gazed over to the ground beef and the craving hit. I’m feeling like I need a burger in my life. But you have seen plenty of burgers on prior Adventures, so […]

Happy Hour To Go: Taco Asylum

I decided to switch up the order of my posts to relay more a more prevalent Happy Hour Adventure given the current circumstances. In the time of COVID-19, restaurants are one of the industries that are hardest hit by the virus. Many are shutting down, while some are just offering pick-up and delivery. Since my […]