Saturday Happy Hour: Red Table

After two weeks I was finally able to head to my parent’s place in Huntington Beach to show them pictures of my Guadalajara trip. Although we didn’t get the chance to go through them all, unfortunately. Since I was in the area we decided to head over to one place I would frequent a lot […]

Chain Happy Hour: Claim Jumper

Something about my personal life, I tend to meal prep on Sunday for the week but since I didn’t get back from Guadalajara until Tuesday night I had no chance to prep. That being said I had the perfect place in mind for where I was going to get a pretty hefty meal at a […]

Disney Happy Hour Round 2: Tortilla Jo’s

Surprise, surprise, I’m back at Downtown Disney already! I wasn’t thinking that I would be back for another Happy Hour Adventure until much later. What could possibly be the next Happy Hour in Downtown Disney?   Sign at dusk This time I went to Tortilla Jo’s! It has definitely been a while since I last […]

Upscale Happy Hour: Andrea Ristorante

I went on a little weekend getaway with my parents by having a staycation at the Marriott Newport Beach Villas. Newport Beach has some amazing Happy Hours, but some you may have to adventure into some of the amazing resorts in the area.   Pelican Hill Sign   Our hotel is right at the base […]

Happy Hour and a Show: Silver Trumpet

I live walking distance to the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, which is a theater that shows musicals on tours across the country. To be right around the corner of a place that presents world-class shows is quite amazing.   Segerstrom Center for the Arts   If you had a chance to follow along my […]

Cajun Happy Hour: Campus Jax

Some workdays tend to be a little tougher than usual, so the best thing I do to relax is by going out on a Happy Hour Adventure! I headed on over right around the corner from work because it seems like my office building is surrounded by restaurants and bars. I was able to find […]

Uva Bar: Happy Hour in Downtown Disney?

I’m sitting at my desk at work Thursday and I get a text from someone that I hadn’t heard from in around 2 years. It’s from my old friend from Arizona, Trevor! He shot me a text because he was here in SoCal visiting Disneyland. There’s only one thing in life that I enjoy more […]

Adventure Numero Uno at Acapulco

I am super excited to be officially writing my first blog post for OC Happy Hour Adventures! What better way to kick things off than starting it on Thirsty Thursday of all days, (Although this won’t be released on Thirsty Thursday). One thing to know about me is that I love Mexican food! Right around […]