It’s Just Wings: It’s Just Wings

As the title of this Adventure suggests it’s just wings we are indulging in. Ok well, not just wings but mostly wings. The name of this dining establishment is It’s Just Wings which is telling you exactly what one is going to expect here. DoorDash This Delivery Happy Hour Adventure is a little different than […]

Desert Oasis Patio: Memphis Soul Cafe

I ended up working through lunch on this day which I know is terrible so I decided I would treat myself. I was doing my research and I saw that a place that was originally on my list for Happy Hours had officially brought back their Happy Hour. I was ecstatic about this news because […]

Cajun Delivery: Cajun Islands

After completing meal prepping and a Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure I was exhausted. Obviously, I wasn’t going to cook up a meal for dinner so I took the lazy route and ordered delivery. I took out my trusty phone and starting scrolling through the Specials section for some good deals. Website After scrolling, […]

Cajun Shrimp Skewers: Home Sweet Home

I’m someone that goes into a grocery store on a mission and with a setlist of items to purchase. It helps me stay on budget and not go out of my way on purchasing unnecessary snacks because we all know that snacking has become a huge thing during the times of quarantine. But even someone […]

Coastal Happy Hour: California Fish Grill

After finishing up my meal prep I decided I was too lazy to make something for dinner, so the only solution is having a Happy Hour Adventure. I had enough credits left on my Door Dash account from my birthday for one last delivery. So after researching a couple of places I decided on a […]

Cajun Happy Hour: Campus Jax

Some workdays tend to be a little tougher than usual, so the best thing I do to relax is by going out on a Happy Hour Adventure! I headed on over right around the corner from work because it seems like my office building is surrounded by restaurants and bars. I was able to find […]