Another Delivery Exclusive: MrBeast Burger

Beast Style Burger

Earlier this week we had a Virtual Lunch and Learn and we were given $25 DoorDash gift cards to order something for lunch. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to order something for the day of the Lunch and Learn so I decided to save it for dinner on Friday. After scrolling endlessly through the Offers section […]

Delivery Exclusive: Flavortown Kitchen

Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger

As many of you may know I get quite a few DoorDash gift cards whether it be for team lunches or Lunch and Learns. This Adventure falls under this category because when you can have an Adventure paid for there is no better Happy Hour. The only problem is trying to decide what to get […]

Asian Burger Delivery: Six Alley

I’ve decided to more Delivery and Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventures because of the rise of cases happening. Plus I haven’t been doing too many Make Your Own Adventures so I wanted to start doing those again. There’s a lot more work involved with them since I have to cook up an appetizer, mix […]

Chique Patio Dining: Social Kitchen + Craft Bar

I’m wrapping up work on this particular Wednesday and decided that I was looking for some excitement. Before I started blogging I have only been to this specific location once for Happy Hour. I’ve been wanting to return for a while but as of recently they completely altered their Happy Hour schedule during these unprecedented […]

Entree Happy Hour: The Recess Room

My dad called asking if I wanted to meet up for a Happy Hour in the area after the workday. So after sending over a list of outdoor Happy Hours we finally decided on one that was halfway between us. We decided to meet up right at 5 which was when the restaurant opened and […]

Belated Birthday Meal: Red Robin

For those of you that remember I celebrated my birthday last month and ordered in some Slap Fish while video chatting with my family. Not sure if you are aware but there are restaurants, mostly chains, that offer up something free for your birthday. I usually try to stray away from chain restaurants for my […]

Multi-Adventure Happy Hour: Multiple Places

This Happy Hour Adventure is a little unique in the sense I had the opportunity to make it into a multiple Adventures. All the foods and drinks you see will range from a Happy Hour you’ve seen before, to a burger place, to a special surprise within my neighborhood! A Wonderful Ocean View Above you […]

Mexican Burger Happy Hour Adventure: Home Sweet Home

When I was shopping at the grocery store for my meal prep for the week I walked by all the proteins. Then my eyes gazed over to the ground beef and the craving hit. I’m feeling like I need a burger in my life. But you have seen plenty of burgers on prior Adventures, so […]

Burger Special Monday: Mastro’s Steakhouse

My dad was giving me the scoop on a burger special that Mastro’s Steakhouse does every Monday. So I was tasked with the mission of picking up the food and get it delivered straight over to the house. I’m the delivery guy when it comes to Mastro’s since it is pretty much just down the […]

Upscale American Happy Hour: Paul Martin’s

In our last Happy Hour Adventure, I was enjoying a little bit of Habana’s at the Irvine Spectrum until it was time to meet my dad at the next destination. Originally we were only going to go for their OC Restaurant Week Menu, but we were able to fit in a Happy Hour as well. […]