Beach Rooftop Bar: Tanner’s Treehouse

Treehouse Bar

Some people from work were wanting to meet up and do a Happy Hour together. However, we needed to find a place that was a good halfway point for everyone. After searching multiple places and looking over the menus we finally decided on a place. Huntington Beach felt like the best location for a Happy […]

Bacon Mozzarella Sticks: Home Sweet Home

I was getting tired of the typical meal prep recipes that I rotate through each week. So I decided it was time for a much-needed change. That is when I came across a turkey slider that used sweet potatoes as the bun. One other unique factor about these sliders was the fact that they had […]

Multi-Adventure Happy Hour: Multiple Places

This Happy Hour Adventure is a little unique in the sense I had the opportunity to make it into a multiple Adventures. All the foods and drinks you see will range from a Happy Hour you’ve seen before, to a burger place, to a special surprise within my neighborhood! A Wonderful Ocean View Above you […]

Pre-Birthday Happy Hour: Sandy’s Beach Shack

I kinda made it to Main Street Huntington Beach way earlier than I was supposed to. I was meeting up with some friends to celebrate a birthday at 6 pm. So what does my Happy Hour Adventurer self venture off to? Well, a Happy Hour of course!   Huntington Beach Pier   Good old Huntington […]