Delivery Exclusive: Flavortown Kitchen

Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger

As many of you may know I get quite a few DoorDash gift cards whether it be for team lunches or Lunch and Learns. This Adventure falls under this category because when you can have an Adventure paid for there is no better Happy Hour. The only problem is trying to decide what to get […]

Breakfast Happy Hour: Home Sweet Home

We are switching things up a bit for this Happy Hour Adventure. You may be used to seeing foods one traditionally sees while having lunch or dinner. Some people call it the most important meal of the day, Breakfast! I’ve never been much of a breakfast person since some of my favorite foods are more […]

3 Ingredient Appetizer and Drink: Home Sweet Home

We are keeping things simple but not as simple as one of the typical Trader Joe’s Happy Hour Adventures. Simple as you only need three ingredients to copy this Happy Hour Adventure. For all of the vegans out there this may not be the best Adventure for you. Who knows maybe one day I’ll try […]

Cheesy Mexican Happy Hour: La Vida Cantina

This Happy Hour occurred the same day as my Classic Chinese Happy Hour which as you may remember ended up arriving late. My dad asked if I wanted to meet up around 4:30 but I was still overstuffed from lunch. Because I wasn’t super starving we only ended up ordering one food item. So I […]

Bacon Mozzarella Sticks: Home Sweet Home

I was getting tired of the typical meal prep recipes that I rotate through each week. So I decided it was time for a much-needed change. That is when I came across a turkey slider that used sweet potatoes as the bun. One other unique factor about these sliders was the fact that they had […]

Happy Hour with Dessert: Slater’s 50/50

I was heading over to my Dad’s house for a Friday night in the jacuzzi and we decided to meet up for a patio Happy Hour. Orange County did just recently move from the Purple tier which meant no indoor dining to Red for 25% occupancy indoor dining. Although I don’t think I’m ready for […]

Pizza Time in Tropical Hideaway: Pizza Project

Work has been extremely stressful so I needed to get away for the weekend. Although it is very tough to get away during these times. However, I found the perfect solution that would allow me to stay safe in a great getaway. Tropical Hideaway I’m sure everyone knows about Airbnb but I just found out […]

Fried Jalapeño Poppers: Home Sweet Home

I’m someone that tries to use up all of the food that I get. I never enjoy throwing away food because it’s a waste of food and money. Part of my meal prep involved jalapeños, however, Trader Joe’s only sells them by the bag full. Plus I had cream cheese, flour, bread crumbs at home. […]

Burger Special Monday: Mastro’s Steakhouse

My dad was giving me the scoop on a burger special that Mastro’s Steakhouse does every Monday. So I was tasked with the mission of picking up the food and get it delivered straight over to the house. I’m the delivery guy when it comes to Mastro’s since it is pretty much just down the […]

Make Your Own Happy Hour: Home Sweet Home

I decided to do something a little different. Since it is becoming more and more difficult finding restaurants open or are serving Happy Hour I created my own Happy Hour. I know that when one thinks of Happy Hour it is an escape from work, not something that involves more work. Well, you’d be surprised […]