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Long Beach Happy Hour: San Pedro Fish Market

Given the break that I had, I realized I had not gone to as many Happy Hours as I have done in the past. However, during the holidays, I had some family come out and we had to at least go out for one Happy Hour while they were out. Having a Happy Hour with your family is always a good time to catch up and see how things have been. Since my Uncle and Aunt weren’t able to come out during my grand parent’s anniversary I figured we’d take them to the same restaurant, San Pedro Fish Market in Long Beach. I know we have another Happy Hour right on the border of Orange County just like Palapa.

Happy Hour Menu

I may not have had a chance to get pictures of the restaurant itself. I was with my family so I got distracted and didn’t get a chance to take some pictures. However, the vibe of the restaurant is all about the woodwork which presents itself as a seafood shack right on the pier. Luckily this restaurant is right on the harbor so you can look out and view all the ships that are docked and see the wide-open ocean.

The Happy Hour menu in person is not the most presentable one that I have seen. Even the one online isn’t up to date because when I mentioned an item on there, our waitress said it was not available. Also, they had run out of the stuff necessary to make the shrimp toast so I was a bit disappointed about that.

The good thing about this place is that everything is under $10 however a majority of items are in the $5 to $7 range. I feel like I was so unprepared for this Adventure because I failed to snag a picture of the cocktail menu on the actual menu. Normally the San Pedro Cocktails are $10 to $13 so you are getting quite a deal on the cocktails.

Brown Eyed Girl

My first drink was called the Brown Eyed Girl. Although after doing some research I found out the typical Brown Eyed Girl cocktail has chocolate liqueur and baileys. This one was a mix of pisco, lime juice, mint, bitters, and soda water. I found the drink to be quite bitter and not enjoyable at all. Luckily I did not have to drink more because my cousin accidentally tipped over the drink. That was my chance to get a better drink that I’d enjoy more.

Brain Dead

I went with some flavors that I was more familiar with. The Brain Dead cocktail had a blend of orange juice, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and Bacardi 151. If you are looking for a strong drink for the evening then this is the drink to order.

The tropical juices made the drink have a symphony of fruity flavors and the orange gives you some fruit on the side. The cocktail had a thicker consistency with the addition of the coconut cream but not as thick of consistency as a smoothie. Of course, the culprit of making this drink extra strong was from the Bacardi 151 which is 151 proof rum.

Mai Tai

The final drink of the evening was a classic Mai Tai. Might as well keep the tropical feel of the evening going with this tasty libation. A Mai Tai is not complete without the addition of the best tropical fruit out there, pineapple.

Had the same tropical flavors as the Brain Dead just without the high intensity of Bacardi 151 and the thick cream of coconut. In the end, it was just a typical Mai Tai with nothing different about it.

Campechano Tostada

You may have noticed a familiar-sounding name with the Campechano Tostada from my Playa Mesa Adventure. However, this one goes a step further with the addition of baby scallops to add even more seafood flavor.

I’d say the acidity of this dish came through from the lime juice which I always find enjoyable in ceviche. You can also spot both chunks of avocado as well as smooth creamy guacamole to provide a different textural experience.

Chowda Fries

The final Happy Hour item that we ordered was the Chowda Fries. A top a bed of crispy fries sat a thick and creamy clam chowder. I found the clam chowder to be very flavorful and a good combo on the french fries. However, I found the french fries to be overly salted, and sometimes the experience of eating them was too overwhelming.

Crispy Calamari

Since I did go with my entire family we did end up ordering some non-happy hour menu items. I figured since I wasn’t able to get pictures of the restaurant I would treat you to some more food items.

We went with a platter of crispy calamari. It was a mix of both the classic calamari rings alongside the tentacle pieces. I have had the opportunity to have a couple of styles of calamari throughout my Adventures. However, I find this platter is the most traditional that one tends to see calamari served.

One common dipping sauce that you see served with traditional calamari is that red acidic cocktail sauce. The calamari was tasty on its own but I feel the cocktail sauce added some additional flavor.

Whitefish Ceviche

The final dish of the evening was something that my dad typically orders when it comes to a seafood restaurant. Whitefish ceviche is his go-to and just looking at it I can tell why. The fish looks very clean and specks of green from jalapeños and cilantro can be spotted in the mix. For additional color and flavor the purple from the red onions and the yellow from the mangoes.

With all ceviche, it is essential to have that citrus taste from the lime juice which was spot on. The jalapeños added a bit of spiciness throughout the dish but the mangoes helped balance it out with their sweetness. Overall a wonderful bowl of ceviche those crispy seasoned tortilla chips on the side gave some nice crunchy texture.

I would have to say in this Adventure the food outside of Happy Hour was a lot tastier than the actual Happy Hour food. If I were to go back I think I would come back for the Happy Hour drinks and order off the regular menu. This was my second time but last time was for dinner and the seafood boil dish that I had was quite phenomenal. The dish was quite large and could have been split with someone else. But I will only be rating this Adventure on the Happy Hour items.

Website: San Pedro Fish Market







Since the Happy Hour food wasn’t the best but the drinks were good I have this question. What Happy Hour do you just go for the drinks?

Let me know down below in the comments and share with friends who would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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