Watermelon Margarita

Hi everyone! I know it’s been quite a while since I last shared a Happy Hour Adventure. Sometimes life gets busy and I felt like I was extra busy with juggling work and personal life. Plus the Holidays were a nice time to take a break and spend with loved ones. These next few Happy Hour Adventures will be some that I just never had time to write about so I hope you enjoy this Adventure.


For this Adventure, we are heading straight into the heart of Costa Mesa’s bar and restaurant scene, 17th Street. You know me, I’m all about some good Mexican Cuisine so that is why we are starting things back up again with Playa Mesa!

Dining Area

Playa Mesa’s ambiance gives off a bright and natural look throughout the restaurant. The walls are white which is what truly makes this restaurant feel a lot brighter than it is. The walls are accented with diamonds of brown, tan, and black to help provide some pop to the restaurant. Above this particular section is a ceiling covered with wooden beams and panels which help give a natural atmosphere.

Bar Overhang

The bar keeps the natural feel of the restaurant going by having this wooden overhang that holds all the tequila for their delicious margaritas. The thing that I enjoy most about this overhang is the use of plants on top which drives the feeling of one being in nature.


I do love all the succulent boxes that they have up against the walls because it’s something else that really pushes the natural feel of the restaurant. Although given that the name is Playa Mesa I feel like we should be seeing more beach decor. Even though the decor may not match the name of the restaurant it is still a beautiful atmosphere.

Happy Hour Food

The Happy Hour food ranges anywhere from $3.00 to $8.00 which are some good prices to get your grub on. They have a wide variety of options for those picky eaters and for the more adventurous eaters. I fall in the latter category for sure. Depending on your diet they have options for vegetarians, carnivores, and pescetarians. There will at least one item within this menu that someone in your group will enjoy.

Happy Hour Drinks

We are at a Mexican restaurant and obviously it is all about the margaritas for the drink options for this Happy Hour. Of course, there is the option of going for a Michelada which I have yet to try one but given the fact that I’m not much of a fan of beer or bloody marys then I’m not sure this would be my drink of choice. If you aren’t looking for anything in the cocktail category there is also beer and wine to choose from.

Spicy Cucumber Margarita

To kick things off I figured I’d go for a Spicy Cucumber Margarita with a Tajin rim of course to add to the spice! The cucumber juice within the drink was a refreshing touch after your lips touch the Tajin rim. Luckily you get the taste one expects with a margarita with that bright lime taste alongside the distinct touch of tequila. Bits of cilantro within the drink allowed for a herbaceous tang but not one that overpowered the drink like the Pineapple Express drink that I had at Mi Casa. Overall I felt the spiciness of the bitters did not overpower this libation.

Jamaica Margarita

I went to this Happy Hour with my dad and my dad went ahead and ordered the Jamaica Margarita. Jamaica is made from hibiscus flowers and made into tea or juice. The taste of Jamaica is sweet, floral, with just a touch of bitterness. However, with enough sugar, you can cut out the bitterness but in the case of a Jamaica margarita, tequila can do the trick. However, the sugar rim along the edge allows an individual to get a touch of sweetness in each sip. If you enjoy Jamaica then this would be the ideal drink to be sipping on.

Sandia Margarita

The final drink of the evening was the Sandia Margarita! I couldn’t leave this Happy Hour until I had one because who doesn’t love the taste of watermelon while outside on the patio with the warm glow of the sun hitting your face. This concoction also had a Tajin rim to play it off as a sweet and spicy combo. However, don’t be alarmed my Non-Spicy lovers, just say no Tajin if you just want to enjoy the sweet profile of this drink.

Luckily this is a combo of both watermelon and strawberry to give it a bright pink color which draws the eyes in. I love how the glassware has a green rim because the color of the drink truly gives off the vibe of drinking straight from a watermelon. This libation was the perfect ending to the evening!

Chips and Salsa

It would not be a Mexican Restaurant unless you are given a bowlful of crispy tortilla chips and a side of flavorful salsa. I thought the chips were good quality with their salted exterior. The salsa had a nice brightness from the tomatoes but also had a good pepperiness to help bring a good balance.

Ceviche Campechano Tostada

To start the meal off strong I went with the ceviche campechano tostada which translates to hearty ceviche tostada. Trust me this was one hearty ceviche tostada because it utilized Spanish octopus, shrimp, tomato, onion, lime, cilantro, chile Morita, and avocado. With all of those ingredients, you are looking at one hefty tostada.

I felt the ingredients were very tomato heavy in flavor but overall the taste was quite refreshing because of it. The fresh cilantro allowed pop to the flavor to brighten each bite. The octopus was cooked quite well and was the perfect texture alongside the crunch of the fried tostada shell.

Squash Blossoms

For my Vegetarian friends, I wanted to order a plate of squash blossoms. I feel like I don’t see these around too often so I had to share the experience with all of you. Given that these squash blossoms were fried in a honey beer batter one does not get the taste of the squash blossom. Although in no way am I saying that is a bad thing because the fried exterior for this dish had a delicious and crispy batter.

Just when you think things can’t get any better you bite into an explosion of requeson which is basically Mexican ricotta cheese. It was creamy and was the perfect companion with the ranchero salsa that was laid across the bottom of the plate.

Carne Asada and Carnitas Tacos

I had to stay true to a Mexican Happy Hour by ordering a plate of classic tacos. I went with carne asada, the closer one, and the carnitas, the one behind. The carnitas meat on the taco was slightly dry but the flavor of it really pushed through. Luckily the topping of cilantro and onion allowed for some crisp freshness of the taco.

The Carne Asada taco was much better! The steak was cooked perfectly and was well seasoned to make this the star taco of the Adventure. Nothing can beat a good duo of tacos to finish off the meal. Although I brought most of them back home for leftovers because one gets a little stuffed when stuffing your face with tortilla chips.

The Bar

Overall this was a fantastic Happy Hour. I did enjoy all the variety of food that Playa Mesa has to offer alongside some fantastic margaritas. I will try my best to stay more on top of giving you Happy Hour Adventures now that we are in 2022 now. In the future, I may even try and venture into some different types of media to portray my Happy Hour Adventures.

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It’s been quite some time since I heard from everyone. I’ll keep this question simple. How were your holidays and New Year?

Let me know down below in the comments and share with friends who would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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