Oktoberfest Happy Hour: Old World Restaurant

I’m flipping around some of my content because I felt this Adventure is more relevant. I know Oktoberfest has passed and everyone is getting ready for the upcoming holidays. However, I wanted to share my Oktoberfest Happy Hour Adventure at the Old World Restaurant in Huntington Beach. 


Old World is more than just a restaurant. It is an entire village that has a variety of shops, businesses, a hotel, and even apartments. One would be able to visit this little town and go shopping and have a nice meal with a good German beer. 

Old World Village

The entire little village has buildings similar to just this one. As you can see it gives off the vibes of a true German town. The buildings are painted with murals of other German towns along with some religious murals. 

Beer Garden

This may not be the atmosphere you would see at a traditional Oktoberfest fair in Germany but it is as close as one can get in Huntington Beach. Typically in Germany, they have these huge tents that house the beer halls with long stretching tables and steins bigger than your head.

Big Steins and Mini Steins

Speaking of those steins there is a little shop that sells intricately painted steins to hold all the beer you’ll be drinking during Oktoberfest. They have a couple of little stands in the beer garden this particular one sold all of your souvenir-type items like these steins, key chains, shirts, and many other knick-knacks. The other stand sells cigars and beef jerky which is a strange combination but I guess I don’t smoke so maybe there is something about eating beef jerky with a cigar.

Tasty Desserts

Connected to the restaurant they have a little grocery store where you can buy things such as sausages, packaged German goods, liquors, and of course these delicious pastries. Not sure which one of these sweet desserts I’d want to sink my teeth into first.

German Beer

It wouldn’t be much of a German grocery store if they weren’t selling a variety of German beers. Plus you can see the locked glass case filled with high-end liquors you can be sipping if you aren’t a beer drinker.

Live Entertainment

It would not be a true Oktoberfest without some entertainment. This is Marko, who is a Grammy award winner, not sure if that is true but he created a festive atmosphere for the beer garden. Plus they eventually played the Chicken Dance song which eventually gets played during Oktoberfest.

The Restaurant

I promise this is the last picture of the atmosphere of this Adventure. I had to snag at least one photo inside the actual restaurant. Of course, it is jam-packed with everyone enjoying the Oktoberfest activities. Plus on Wednesdays, they do karaoke nights so you could sing your heart out while having a good drink.

Happy Hour Specials

This is another Happy Hour where you have to do some math and take $2 off any drink, schnitzel, brat, or Mama Rita’s specialties. Since we were here on a Wednesday that meant we could partake in Happy Hour all day long. Plus as you can see they also have Happy Hour on Saturday which is always a rare find. You may be curious as to why they don’t do Monday and Tuesday Happy Hours. Well, the reason for that is the restaurant is closed on those days.

Citrus Plum Martini

The first drink of this Happy Hour was the Citrus Plum Martini. I can honestly say that this was the very first alcoholic plum drink that I have ever had. I feel like this has a very old-world tasting drink with its use of plum reduction. The plum gave off a thicker texture and almost velvety which created a new type of drinking experience. The martini utilized Cherry Noir Grey Goose which is a flavored vodka I have never heard of. The citrus comes into play with a squeeze of some fresh lemon juice.


It would not be a true Oktoberfest if I didn’t at least have one beer. I decided I would go with the only beer that I’ve ever tried that I truly love, Schofferhofer. This is a German grapefruit beer that doesn’t taste anything like a beer whatsoever. I first tried the beer at the German pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I feel this beer is tough to find and can only really be found in German restaurants or stores. For all of you non-beer drinkers out there then this is one that I highly recommend.

Spicy Peach Martini

The final drink of the evening was the Spicy Peach Martini. However, it’s not spicy in the sense you may be thinking. This drink gets its spiciness from ginger-infused vodka which can give on a powerful taste in any drink. Plus, the ginger candy as a garnish helped to sell the ginger in this cocktail. There were slight notes of peach and citrus but overall the strong tasting ginger vodka overpowered the drink.

Wiener Schnitzel

My meal to celebrate Oktoberfest was the Wiener Schnitzel. No, I’m not talking about the fast-food hot dog place where you can get cheap hot dogs. I’m talking about a cutlet of veal that is pounded and then fried to crispy perfection. Although it was flavorful, I felt it was a bit dry from the bread crumb exterior. I think a little bit of gravy would have done wonders to bring on some moisture to this dish along with an additional layer of flavor.

Besides this small detail, I felt the veal itself was tender and brought on some wonderful beef flavor. It’s been a while since I’ve had this dish but I remember going to this one German restaurant in Arizona where we would go every so often. I would tend to get this dish and I enjoyed it every time.

Nurnenburger Bratwurst

My dad ordered the staple of all Oktoberfest foods, bratwurst. There were a variety of different sausages on the menu that he could have ordered but given the fact it was Oktoberfest he had to go with the Nurnenburger Bratwurst. This sausage is your traditional Oktoberfest brat made with a pork and veal filling.

This was the item to order given the sausage was very flavorful and juicy from its utilization of two different types of meats. Also, the sauerkraut on top brought on a hit of vinegar flavor and the mustard helped to add great flavor notes as well. The bread may have been a tad bit thick for me, but everything turned out great.

You may be seeing the third condiment in between the ketchup and the mustard. Well, that is what they call Obatzda. This is a Bavarian cheese delicacy that is made with cream cheese, paprika, cornichons, garlic, and onion. Cornichons are pickles but smaller. This thick and creamy condiment I used on both a little piece of bratwurst and on my schnitzel and brought on a new flavor profile.

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I know I always enjoy some Oktoberfest activities. My question to you is how did you celebrate Oktoberfest? If you didn’t then what festival do you enjoy partaking in?

Let me know down below in the comments and share with friends who would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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