Unexpected Sushi Happy Hour: Oji Sushi

I was asked to come out to sushi for dinner on a Monday evening. Oji Sushi is located at the Triangle in Costa Mesa which is not too long of a drive for me. As always I researched the place beforehand to take a look at their menu. It looked like they served all of your classic rolls along with some specialty rolls. However, nowhere on the menu was there any mention of Happy Hour.


I typically don’t share the menu until after I talk about the restaurant but given the title of this Adventure, I thought it was appropriate. After sitting down and receiving the menus you could imagine my surprise when I was handed the above menu. Lo and behold Oji Sushi offered Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 PM! I did not have my usual gear with me for this Adventure but I hope you still enjoy it.

The menu is split into five sections which allows someone to pick from their comfort zone. For those of you that are not big sushi fans then the appetizer and salad section may be the best section for you to check out. However, for all you sushi enthusiasts there is the sushi, sashimi, and the Classic/Specialty Roll sections.


The pictures I took were closer to the end of my Adventure so they give off a much different vibe compared to when I first walked in. I felt the restaurant was a little brighter with regular lights. However, as the night progresses the lights dim and you start seeing a variety of neon signs turn on. The front of the restaurant now gives off the vibe of a trendy Tokyo sushi place.

Sushi Bar

Luckily the sushi bar has a more illuminating light to allow the sushi chefs to construct the perfect roll. This sushi bar may not be as fancy as the one at Nova but I believe it has a whole different character to it. My eyes get drawn to the mural that stretches behind the hard-working sushi chefs. It looks like a graffiti-style artwork of a deep-sea creature the roamed the oceans millions of years ago. 

Koi Art

In the main dining section, the main source of light derives from the light mural on the wall. I love this section because you have the Ying and Yang style koi fish about to circle one another. For those of you that have seen Avatar the Last Airbender, it reminds me of the two fish you see in the first season. Plus in general, it seems like a beautiful piece of artwork that fits well within the restaurant.

Neon Sake Sign

Remember those neon lights I mentioned earlier? Well, be prepared to see multiple different ones that can be found throughout the restaurant. I enjoy this sign because I’m not sure if you are supposed to read it as the phrase goes. Or if you pronounce it sake since there is a bottle of sake next to it.

Sushi Neon Sign

This brings up memories of the days when the Keep Calm & Carry On Phrase could be found literally everywhere. Depending on where you were at the Carry On part was always replaced with something appropriate with the setting. Of course, since we are at a sushi restaurant, it must read Keep Calm & Eat Sushi.

Sushi Way Neon Sign

This sign reminds me of the Mandalorian because of the famous quote that is said throughout the series, “This is the way.” I’m sure if Mando was a big sushi fan then he would approve this message.

Tokyo Dream

Unfortunately at Oji Sushi’s Happy Hour, there are no drinks on their Happy Hour menu. But I felt I still needed to get a drink because they offered some pretty unique-sounding cocktails. The Tokyo Dream fell into this category. This concoction is filled with gin, elderflower liqueur, and lemon juice. Plus there is a flower that floats peacefully in serenity. That is until I decide I want to disrupt it by taking a sip of this refreshing libation.

Spicy Tuna Roll

I know, I know. It seems like whenever I get sushi there is always going to be a picture of a Spicy Tuna roll. But, when it’s your favorite classic roll one can’t help themselves but get it each time. Overall it was still a good roll but nothing I’d say makes it different than all of the ones I have had from the past. 

Although one thing that did make dining on this roll different was a new concept I was introduced to. The person I was with had ordered ponzu sauce with green onions so I was like I want one of those as well. The sauce was a little sweet with a bit of tartness associated with it. This flavor profile comes from the Asian citrus known as yuzu. I found it quite enjoyable and may ask for it on future sushi occasions.

Mexican Roll

I was deciding between the Mexican Roll and the Fire Roll as my next course. However, I was struggling to find out which one I would want. Luckily our waitress was able to suggest the Mexican Roll since I enjoy spicy food. This is essentially a tempura roll filled with spicy crab and covered with sriracha aioli. My favorite part of this roll was the couple of fried jalapeños you can see at the opposite end of the plate. These crispy and spicy extras helped to create a new flavor combination for the sushi.

Yellowtail Sashimi

This last item was just at the suggestion of our waitress. I just asked her what her favorite item was on the Happy Hour menu and she said that I had to get the Yellowtail. As you saw on the menu, you could order it sushi-style or sashimi-style. Based on the recommendation of our waitress I went with the sashimi-style to get the full flavor experience.

I’m glad I went with her suggestion because each bite was flavorful and ever so tender. I think the fattiness of the yellowtail is what made each bite perfect. Plus the little dots of wasabi gave a little spice to this amazing dish.

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Have you ever went off the suggestion of your waiter and ended up loving it? If so what was that dish?

Let me know down below in the comments and share with friends who would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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