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One Day Happy Hour: Black Knight Lounge

After a long week, I decided the perfect way to end it would be with a Happy Hour. After doing some research I found the perfect place that was just an easy straight shot from my house. The reason why it was perfect is that this place only does Happy Hour one day each week and that is on Fridays.

The Entrance

The Black Knight Gastro Lounge is located at The Triangle in Costa Mesa. You may remember that I went to The Triangle for my Cheesy Mexican Adventure at La Vida Cantina. I actually first saw the Black Knight when I was leaving the La Vida Cantina. I knew I was going to return there one day eventually. It only took 8 months but I finally did it.

Dining Area

Black Knight is probably one of the smaller bars that I have experienced so far on my Adventures. This picture pretty much captures the entirety of the indoor seating. There is a decent-sized patio though for people to dine outside. As you can see the interior portrays the name of the Black Knight with all the black stools and benches that line the restaurant. Luckily they had the doors open and a large gate that slides upwards to bring in the open air and sunlight. However, once it hits night time I could only imagine how dark this place can get.

The Bar

There is also bar seating which is perhaps the best seat in the house especially when it first opens up for the day. They only had one person working the bar when it first opened so I ended up eating up at the bar. I would have preferred outside but since they didn’t have enough staff to accommodate that right at the opening I decided on the bar. Again the bar area has dark black coloring with the main light source coming from the TVs and the glow of the light-up shelving. My pictures make it look a lot brighter than it was.

Happy Hour Menu

As I mentioned earlier this Happy Hour only happens one day a week, but luckily it is on the best day of the week, Friday. There’s a 3-hour window for this Happy Hour so if you are wanting to partake then you’ll want to get over here right after work. Just like Wingnuts this Happy Hour involves some math with their 50% off apps to $3 off signature cocktails. I guess they haven’t had time to update the menus since it looks like bruschetta is crossed off. For their signature cocktails, they have 4 different ones. They have vodka, gin, mezcal, and tequila-based cocktails so a mixture of different ones depending on your tastes for the evening. 

The Side Chick

I was debating between the vodka or the gin cocktail but based on my server’s recommendation she suggested the vodka one. The Side Chick is a mixture of Absolut Pear vodka, cucumber, basil, and lime juice which made it perfect for the hot day. Not sure who comes up with the names of these cocktails or how the ingredients are relevant to the name but it was still refreshing. Any drink with cucumber helps make you feel refreshed when the sun is beating down on you. This may not have been my favorite pear drink that I’ve had on my Adventures but it still tasted good especially since this one mixed things up with some basil.

Moscow Mule

The signature cocktails during Happy Hour range from $10-$11 which isn’t bad but I felt I’ve been spending too much money recently. So what’s the logical thing to do? Order a cheaper drink of course. They have $6 Moscow Mules or Old Fashioneds on Fridays! I figured I’d stick with vodka and ordered up a Moscow Mule in a chilled old-school copper mug. This Moscow Mule may have been a little too bubbly for me but I did enjoy the sweet ginger taste in every sip.

Goat Cheese Dip

As soon as I saw the menu there was one item I knew I was going to get and that was the goat cheese dip. It was an easy one to spot too since it is the very first item on the list of half-off appetizers. I did not get a chance to read the description on the actual menu so it was a bit of a mystery of what I was going to get placed in front of me. It’s the colors that make this dish pop from the green of the basil to the bright red of the sun-dried tomatoes. Then the white of the almond sauce and goat cheese. The whole presentation just reminded me of the colors of the Italian flag.

Dip Pic

This wouldn’t be much of a dip unless you have something to dip with. The crostinis were the ideal vessel to scoop up the nutty almond sauce and the soft mild goat cheese. These toasted slices of baguette helped to add crunch to each bite. But also there to help were some sliced almonds which helped tie in a more nutty flavor. The herbaceousness of the basil added some fresh notes to the dip. The sun-dried tomatoes help bring bright punches of acidity to the goat cheese. I felt that this is a much milder goat cheese so I believe this would be a good starting dish to discover the taste of goat cheese.

Habenero Flatbread

Black Knight Lounge is connected to Olive Branch Wood Fired Pizza which means they serve up some delicious pizza and flatbreads. Luckily any of their flatbreads are half-off during Happy Hour, so I knew this had to be another one of my food items. After looking through the menu and hearing what others had to say about the flatbreads my decision was made. I went with the habanero flatbread which sounded like the most unique of all of the items.

The habanero flatbread is unique because they use cream cheese as the sauce of the flatbread which I think is crucial in this item. The reason being that fresh jalapeños are covering the entirety of the pizza. You may be thinking, “Jalapeños? I thought this was a habanero flatbread.” The habanero comes in with a little sauce container of habanero and ginger jelly to bring on a combination of sweetness and spiciness.

The menu online said that it was going to come with chorizo which I think would have been excellent. I didn’t see any, unfortunately, but luckily the bacon was still there as the meat. I wish the bacon was slightly crispier to add some crunch. However, it did bring on good fatty and salty flavor to each bite. When the bacon failed in the crunch the onion straws were there to save the day. Never would I have thought to put onion straws on pizza but if you can put fresh onions on why not fried onions.

The flavor profile reminded me of a jalapeño popper with cream cheese and jalapeños. Yet it was much more with some char of the crust to bring on that wood-fired pizza taste. I would return here again to try another one of their flatbreads to see what other unique combinations they have.

Glass-Etched Sign

This was my first time in quite a while sitting up at an actual bar. I’ve typically been eating outside so it felt like a taste of some normalcy being up at a bar with other patrons sitting next to you. I had the chance to talk to the person next to me, Brian. Brian works as on programming and marketing at his very own company. He works on a lot of government and military contracts which must be quite interesting.

He lives right across the street from The Triangle so he can walk right on over to enjoy Happy Hour. We first started talking when he ordered a Kamikaze shot which I had never heard of before. Essentially just vodka, triple sec, and lime juice. Replace the lime juice with lemon juice and you have a lemon drop in the making.

Back in the day he played and produced music so he’s had a wide variety of experiences. When I started talking about my blog he mentioned that when YouTube was first starting that he and his friends were thinking about starting a channel. They would go and critique different bars and clubs in Vegas which sounds like it would be a very fun idea. Then he said the joke would be by the time the end of the night after plenty of drinks they would just end up saying this is the best bar ever.

It was a great time being able to chat with other people again in a bar setting. It has been such a long time that I forgot one of the reasons why I started this blog in the first place. To go out and enjoy food and drink with new people. That is what Happy Hour is all about after all. It’s one of the many joys of the human experience.

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Since this was my first time hearing about a Kamikaze shot I have this question for you. What is your favorite shot?

Let me know down below in the comments and share with friends who would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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