Treehouse Bar

Beach Rooftop Bar: Tanner’s Treehouse

Some people from work were wanting to meet up and do a Happy Hour together. However, we needed to find a place that was a good halfway point for everyone. After searching multiple places and looking over the menus we finally decided on a place.

Stairs leading up to Tanner’s Treehouse

Huntington Beach felt like the best location for a Happy Hour meet-up for everyone. Huntington Beach is a favorite destination for travelers which means hotels and restaurants all along the shore. I felt the ideal location to go to was a restaurant located at a hotel. At the Paséa Hotel, there is a restaurant called Tanner’s on the first level. However, right above it is a rooftop bar called Treehouse.

Treehouse Bar

You may be thinking Treehouse, what an odd name for a bar? As soon as you emerge onto the second floor you see this massive tree that is surrounded by a circular bar. The canopy of the tree is made up of giant wooden baskets with light fixtures within each one for when night falls.

Dining Area

In terms of social distancing, Tanner’s Treehouse either stopped doing it or never did it in the first place. I have been to Tanner’s Treehouse before and the setup looks the same as it was before. Which before it was great because as you can see it is almost communal style. It allows people to intermingle with one another and meet new friends.

Corner Seating

Since I was the first person in line, I had the first choice to pick a seat for the group. Naturally, I wanted to pick the best seat in the house with the perfect view of the beach. Although I may have picked too large of a seating area since it was only three of us in total in the end. Imagine a group of close friends or family enjoying the warmth of the fireplace as you hear the waves crash onto the shore.

Weekday Specials

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a weekday specials menu. I enjoy them because then you can decide what day of the week is best to go. This particular Happy Hour Adventure occurred on a Wednesday so wine was the drink of choice for this day. At half off for any glass of wine, it opens up the realm of possibilities. If I were to go back then I’d go on Mojito and Mule Monday or Taco Tuesday.

The reason I would have liked to have gone on the other days is that I would have been able to get a Happy Hour cocktail. As you can see they only have beer and wine for Happy Hour and since we were there on a Wednesday it just made it so that there were more options for wines.

Happy Hour Food

When it comes to food you will either be paying $8 or $10 for your bites. For the most part, it’s all of the typical bar bites you would find at any restaurant. However, two items are unique that I haven’t had during my Adventures thus far.

Kung Fu Punch Girl

Since it was Wine Wednesday I wanted to look at the full wine list to try one of the non-standard Happy Hour wines. The wine list was pretty extensive so it was a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what to get. Then my eyes crossed over a riesling called Kung Fu Punch Girl. As with most rieslings, it was a sweeter wine with multiple fruity notes. A symphony of peach, orange, and apricot come together for this show. It was a nice crisp wine to enjoy on an overcast beach day.

Bumbu Babalu

I know you saw the menu and have probably realized that this drink was nowhere on the Happy Hour menu. I wasn’t feeling like having wine as my second drink, so I went to the main cocktail list to see what options I had. I was deciding between the Violet of HB or the Bumbu Babalu, I know a strange name. The Violet of HB had vodka, lime juice, prickly pear puree, and simple syrup. The Bumbu Babalu had Bumbu rum, pineapple juice, and lime juice. The server said that if I enjoyed rum then the Bumbu Babalu was the choice for me. It was a very tasty tropical drink but in the end, it is quite simple with only three ingredients. Not sure if it is worth the $16 price tag though. A bottle of Bumbu rum is around $32, so I’m sure the profit margin on this drink is quite high.

Avocado Wrap

I ended up ordering the Avocado Wrap for my meal. I should have ordered the shishito peppers as well but like I said maybe I’ll get another opportunity to return to give them a try. Typically one is not looking for healthy food if you are going out for Happy Hour but if you at least attempt to balance everything out that is at least something. Everything about this wrap just screams California and healthy living, for the most part. Sure the avocados that are in the wrap are fried but with all the other healthy greens in the wrap, I’d say you are fine. In the wrap, there is also an intermingling of cucumber, romaine lettuce, sprouts, and tomatoes.

Plus for a little bit of sauce, there was also some avocado dressing. Although we did end up asking for some salsa just to kick things up a notch. The fried avocado and cucumber helped to add some crunch while the romaine lettuce and sprouts helped to make the wrap feel fresh. The wrap also came with a side of seasoned french fries which I thought were quite delicious and the ideal accompaniment to enjoy with the wrap.

Art Display

For me, it was just the atmosphere that I enjoyed about the restaurant. I love the open-air concept with the ocean breeze going through your hair. The drink options are very limited in terms of cocktails when you go on any given day and especially if it’s a Wednesday when there are no cocktail specials. However, when you are with friends and co-workers it is all about catching up. Especially since this was the very first time I’ve seen co-workers since the office shut down in March 2020. Sure we chatted through Zoom the whole time but being able to interact with someone in person again is always a wonderful experience. 

Website: Tanner’s Treehouse







Since what I had was vegetarian I wanted to ask you this. What’s the tastiest vegetarian meal you’ve ever had?

Let me know down below in the comments and share with friends who would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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