Walking Distance Wings: Wingnuts

After a rough Wednesday, I decided that a Happy Hour was the perfect way to celebrate hump day. I didn’t feel like driving, so luckily, I knew one Happy Hour was close enough to walk to.

I have only gone to Wingnuts one time before, however, it was a quick visit since we were waiting for our to-go order. While waiting for the order to be ready my mom and I decided to throw in a drink order and an appetizer. One of the pictures you will see in this Adventure is technically from that first time I went.


After a 10 minute walk, I arrive at the entrance of Wingnuts. This is where you get your first indication of what one should expect inside.

Industrial Plan Bar

As you first enter, your eyes are immediately drawn to the bar. It looks industrial with all of the sheet metal that is used to make it. However, the most interesting part of it is the shelving that is used to hold all the bottles of alcohol. The sides of it are what look to be the wings of an airplane which fits the theming of the restaurant. When I first heard the name Wingnuts, I didn’t know what to think but then when you realize it has airplane decor and memorabilia then the name makes sense.

Plane Mural

Inside is this giant mural of old-school planes flying around an airstrip. It helps to add to the theming as if you are inside a giant warehouse meant to house a plane.

Pile High Club

On my way to the restroom to wash my hands, I saw a wall covered with numerous plaques. This wall commemorates all the people that are a part of the Pile High Club, which is not what it sounds like. Apparently to get a plaque on this wall one needs to have eaten 2640 wings to be able to get to the ½ Pile High Club. Then when you reach 5280 wings you get another plaque along with a leather bomber jacket with your name on it. When I see this wall I think, “These people have eaten a lot of wings and spent a lot of money”. I just certainly hope no one ate that many wings at once.

Happy Hour Menu

Happy Hour is every day here at Wingnuts, which is tough to find those types of Happy Hours. Although I hope you are ready for math because the appetizers are half off. Luckily the drinks have their prices listed although I don’t see many menus that have 29 cents added on the end. As I mentioned I was here on a Wednesday so that means $0.99 wings!

Appetizer Menu

Wingnuts does love their odd pricing with the 19, 59, and 79 cents at the end of each dollar amount. You may want to do the math of half-off appetizers before you get a drink in yourself. Unfortunately, for those eyeing the Dumpster that does not qualify for the half-off deal. Most of the items revolve around buffalo and fried things so if that is what you are looking for then this menu fits the bill.

The Heat Index

Wingnuts offers a whole spectrum of different heat levels so there is something for everyone. Of course, I go on the left side of the spectrum to pump up the spice levels.


There is only one option in the terms of cocktails, a classic margarita. For the most part, it is just your average margarita. You can taste that it is your typical margarita mix that is thrown into it. One thing I do appreciate about it is the massive size of the glass which means you are getting great value.

Mozzarella Sticks

I was craving some mozzarella sticks so I figured I’d give Wingnuts’ a try. They hand batter and fry the mozzarella sticks to order so you know you are getting them fresh. The batter they use is different compared to other mozzarella sticks that I’ve had. They don’t have as much crispness to them which was unfortunate. There is a sprinkling of some dried parmesan cheese which adds another cheese flavor.

Cheese Pull

I do have to say that the mozzarella sticks were perfectly melted which allowed for the perfect cheese stretch. Overall these weren’t my all-time favorite fried cheese sticks I’ve ever had but the one highlight from the dish was the marinara sauce. I felt it had the perfect amount of zing to it. The tomato flavor was bright and powerful and had a good touch of sweetness. It was the sauce alone that made me going in for more.

Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins

Jumping back in time now, we see a basketful of Buffalo Skin Potato Skins. The potato skins had different thicknesses so some were more potato forward while others were all about the toppings. There is a pool of melted cheddar cheese covering the potato skins with sprinklings of green onion. The buffalo chicken was not your average buffalo sauce that smothered the chicken. It had a more smoking flavor to it, almost like a chipotle pepper. I do have to say that these are a lot better fresh because even after some time in the air fryer they could not be revived.


Now for the whole reason, we are here on a Wednesday, Wing Wednesday. The minimum order is 12 wings and with that, you can pick two different flavors of wings. A small order of 10 wings is $16.59, so 12 wings at 99 cents apiece are $11.88. I’d say that there are some savings there, although it seems pricey for wings. As mentioned earlier I was there for the heat so the wings at the bottom of the picture are the Ouch Buffalo and at the top are the Hot and Spicy BBQ. In the center are the endless homemade propeller chips. These are thicker cut potato chips that give a bit of crunch and softness. 

The Ouch Buffalo also had a bit of a smoky taste to the sauce and based on where they landed on the heat index I figured my mouth would have been burning a lot more. The Hot and Spicy BBQ had that same BBQ you love but just with some extra spice added. The sauce was on the thicker side which gave it more complexity. I’m glad I still had some Margarita because I think that the margarita really helped to cool things down. I do wish the wings were more crispy though because it would have been nice to get a little crunch to them.

Industrial Sign

Overall I didn’t think they were the best wings I’ve ever had, even though based on their website they are the best wings in OC. I’m not sure I would recommend coming on any day besides a Wednesday since I think the wings are overpriced on other days.

One thing about Happy Hours is the fact that you hear all kinds of stories and requests from the other patrons. I do have to say that the request I heard while dining on my wings was one of the most unique I’ve ever heard. The guy specifically asked if the wings could be cooked in the deep fryer for 45 minutes! He specifically wanted them to be burnt and crispy. I didn’t stay to see how they turned out since I needed to run some errands but I could only imagine how they turned out.

Website: Wingnuts







Since I overheard the request of deep-frying wings for 45 minutes I wanted to ask. What is the craziest request you have heard?

Let me know down below in the comments and share with friends who would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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