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Non-OC Happy Hour Adventure: The Water’s Edge

I headed out to Palm Springs for the weekend with my parents this past Thursday. I figured it would be better to beat the Friday traffic by going out with them a day early. Luckily, with my Wi-Fi Hotspot, I was able to work in a brand new environment, which is always a nice change. However, when I began I was prepping a blog post I realized I had not gone on any new Happy Hours recently. Luckily the hotel we were staying at had a pool bar and grill that was serving up Happy Hour specials.

Palmeras Pool

We stayed at the Marriott Desert Villas which has a multitude of pools. However, the pool where everything is happening is at the Palmeras Pool. The whole area alone has several different pools to allow a widespread of people to socially distance themselves.


Located at the Palmeras Pool, they have The Water’s Edge Bar & Grill which is perfect for anyone to come up to after having a dip in the pool.


This Happy Hour is unique compared to other ones just because instead of set pricing you just take $2 off beer, wine, liquor, and select appetizers. I hope you are good at math because there will be some involved.

Daily Specials

One other unique thing about this location is that they also have a side menu with the Drink of the Day. Sure the real Happy Hour is only available Monday-Friday 3 pm-5 pm, however, you can come any day of the week to try out one of their specialty drinks. $10 for a drink isn’t too bad especially when they are specialty cocktails.

Piña Colada

I started things off with the drink of the day with a Piña Colada! This was one creamy piña colada with all of the cream of coconut blended into the mix. I could hardly taste any of the light rum mixed in, which is either because it was very light-handed on the rum or it’s in there which just makes it a dangerous drink to be drinking on a hot day. It was still the ideal drink to be sipping on while being in the pool.

Mai Tai

You know me and my love for rum so to keep the rum flowing I just had to be a Mai Tai. Plus whenever I have a Mai Tai I can dream that I am in a more tropical place. Although with the heat of Palm Springs it’s tough to break past the reality that I am in the desert. Overall it is your typical Mai Tai that most places make except for the addition of amaretto. Although I’ve had a true Mai Tai where it’s not just a bunch of tropical juices mixed with rum. Although they do pour on a good floater of Myers Dark Rum for an extra kick. Plus you have the addition of a pineapple slice just in case you get a little hungry while eating.

Palmera’s Punch

I could not go to the Palmera’s Pool without trying the Palmera’s Punch. Palmera’s punch is a mix of orange and pineapple juice with a splash of Bacardi Limon and Grapefruit rums with a dash of grenadine. It was truly a refreshing drink to enjoy poolside on a hot day with so many different citrus flavors. A bonus with this drink is that you get a pineapple and a cherry so that is always a plus for me.

Spring Rolls

Most of the items on the menu are your typical bar food items except for one item, spring rolls. When they first brought out the spring rolls poolside they were fried to my surprise. In personal experiences when I hear spring rolls I think of a light roll filled with fresh vegetables wrapped in rice paper. I would call this an egg roll rather than a spring roll but I guess after a couple of drinks something fried is more ideal than something healthy. Although for those that are looking for something fresh there is a bed of cabbage underneath to get you some veggies. Since we are poolside the presentation is not the best since they know you will be around the pool so they serve it up in a to-go container. 

Dip Pic

One thing that correlates in both spring rolls and egg rolls is of course a sauce for dipping. This sauce is your typical sweet Thai chili sauce but I always find it delicious. The exterior has the perfect crunch in each bite. Once you break through the exterior, you have some delicious cabbage and pork to add to the experience.

Website: Water’s Edge Bar & Grill







Since this Adventure was poolside I want to ask you what is your favorite pool that also has dining and drinks?

Let me know down below in the comments and share with friends who would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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