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Poke in New Forms: Tiger Plate

Earlier this week we had a Lunch and Learn however I did not have time to order food in time but luckily it was a gift card without an expiration date for Grubhub. I figured the opportune time to use it would be for the weekend so I didn’t have to worry about making a meal for dinner. Just like DoorDash, Grubhub has a section for special deals. However, since I don’t have a membership on Grubhub I needed to pay close attention to the delivery fees. Luckily after navigating the website I came across the perfect place that filled all the criteria I was looking for.

Tiger Plate Logo

Tiger Plate is actually around a year old because I remember reading about its opening right when the pandemic first started. I meant to go when they first opened because they were offering some great deals. I didn’t get around to it but I’m glad I saw they were offering $5 off plus $0.99 delivery compared to other places having delivery fees of $4.99.

Unicorn Tears (Not made with actual Unicorn Tears)

I decided to take the drink in a whole different direction for this Happy Hour Adventure. Most places on delivery apps don’t offer cocktails to go so I typically just make my concoction at home. However, when I noticed a drink called Unicorn Tears by Mad Tasty I just had to give it a try. I’m no expert in hemp-infused drinks or foods or just hemp in general since it’s not my thing. Although I know there are a lot of benefits such as calming your mind to relaxing the body which helps with your anxiety and mood. As far as taste I did not enjoy this drink. The fruit flavor that was in the drink was so light and almost non-existent that it was mainly just the carbonation that overpowered the drink. I guess I don’t drink carbonated drinks a lot so maybe I’m being harsh but when the drink has zero sugar and is 15 calories it would be tough to pack a lot of flavors.

Poke Tacos

One of the most common ways you see poke served beside in a bowl is in tacos. You may have seen poke tacos served in wonton tacos from Fishbonz Seafood Grill or even served on watermelon radish from Red Table. This is the very first time I’ve seen poke served onto a corn tortilla. However, it was served on a cold corn tortilla and the texture of a cold tortilla is not the most appetizing. If it were a flour tortilla it would be different since flour tortillas are softer in texture cold or hot. With a cold corn tortilla, it seems a little rough compared to when you heat it slightly on the grill. Luckily you have some magical things happening in the taco shell with poke covered in spicy mayo, green onions, sesame seeds, cabbage, and white onion. The spicy mayo may make the poke a little heavy compared to your typical poke sauce but luckily all the veggies help to balance everything out.

SPAM Musubi

Let’s take a little sidestep away from poke and dive into some musubi, specifically SPAM musubi. I know people get a little frightened about SPAM just because it is processed pork found in a can. SPAM is short for spiced ham but according to the SPAM website, it can also stand for Sizzle Pork And MMM. I think that is the key thing about SPAM is to cook it on the stove to get some nice color and caramelization going to really make the flavor pop more. That is exactly what was done with this SPAM musubi. You have the seaweed wrapping the rice and SPAM which allows the juices to soak into the top layer of the rice. However, I think the rice to SPAM ratio was a bit off. Rice itself doesn’t have a lot of flavor to it so you need something to help bring in a punch of flavor which the SPAM does but as you can see it is quite a bit of rice.

Tiger Wrap

Now it’s time for a completely new way to indulge in poke, the Tiger Wrap. Think of this almost as a sushi burrito, the seaweed acts as the tortilla holing in all of the rice, ahi tuna, white onion, masago, spicy mayo, and crispy onion. Based on looks there is a lot of red on red going on since you have the ahi tuna poking out with the spheres of the masago and all the spicy mayo holding everything together. Luckily the seaweed brings in a little green but I think some avocado in the Tiger Wrap would have made it pop. In regards to taste, this was a pretty tasty sushi burrito. You have two different kinds of onions each bringing a different perspective with the crispy onion bringing the crunchy fried factor while the onion brings a fresh crisp flavor. Again the spicy mayo made things a little heavy but luckily all the flavor was there.

Overall there were pluses and minuses with this Adventure and little tweaks that would have made this an excellent Happy Hour. The drink was the low of this Adventure unfortunately but it’s all about trying new things and step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. If you don’t do that then you may not get the chance to try something amazing and possibly a brand new favorite item.

Website: Tiger Plate







Since this Adventure introduced a hemp-infused drink for the first time ever I have this question. Have you ever had hemp-infused food or drinks before? If so what was your favorite?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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