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Another Pizza Happy Hour: Pizza Twists

I’d have to say at least a quarter of my Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventures have been pizza-related. What can I say, I enjoy everything pizza has to offer so I tend to steer towards it more often. You’ve seen everything from hand-held Pizza Sliders to a skillet filled with gooey and cheesy Pizza Dip. Let’s see where this Pizza Adventure leads us to.

Pizza Ingredients

Thankfully this recipe does not call for too many ingredients so it really makes things easier. Of course, you have some key ingredients of any pizza cheese and pizza sauce. Although one ingredient that I haven’t had the chance to work with is puff pastry. Sure I’ve worked with other types of dough ranging from biscuit dough and crescent roll dough but puff pastry is slightly different.

Doble de Diez

I decided to keep the drink simple for this Adventure by finally drinking wine from my First Leaf package that I got. You may remember the Bright Cellars wine that I had with the Laziest Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure Ever, where I had some Zinfandel. First Leaf is similar where you fill out a survey to see what wines match your tastebuds and they send you bottles of wine monthly. I don’t drink wine often so I just took advantage of the first package where you can get six bottles of wine for just over $20. How can anyone say no to a deal like that? I had a wine that was completely new to me, Tempranillo. The Doble de Diez comes straight from Spain and because of the bold flavors, it delivers it makes it a perfect wine to pair with a variety of food. This wine has a blend of savory and fruity notes whether it be the notes from the cherry and plum to the hint of clove. Maybe one day I will be fully going onboard the red wine train but that day has not yet arrived. 

Sauce Time

Technically I was supposed to get two things of puff pastry so I can lay one on top of the other and cut it into a circle. However, I knew that was going to be quite a bit of food so I decided to cut things back by just getting a single sheet of dough and folded it in half to get two layers of pastry. Once I got the perfect circle by using a bowl as my guide it was time to layer on the fillings. First up a thin layer of bright tomato sauce to act as the glue for the next ingredient.


Now everyone’s favorite ingredient of pizza, mozzarella cheese. One thing I always look for when I bite into any pizza-related item is when the gooey melted cheese stretches when you pull away. After placing the cheese on top it is time to place the other layer of puff pastry on top. Next is to place a small circular mold, in my case I used a shot glass, in the center and you will cut strips coming away from the mold.

Egg Wash

As the title states, these are pizza twists so once you have your cut strips you will want to give them a little twist to get the perfect shape. You may have spotted the egg at the beginning of the Adventure and were wondering when that was going to come into play. Well now is the time because we will need to bathe these pizza twists with a little egg wash. The egg wash will ensure that the puff pastry will come out with a great golden color to help please the eyes.

Pizza Twists

After a 20-25 minute trip in 400 degrees Fahrenheit oven it is time to pull out the golden twists that are oozing with pizza sauce and cheese. So maybe the benefit of using two rolls of puff pastry is that it allows one to have longer strips which then in return makes the twisted shape more prominent. Now time to break into these pizza twists.

Twist and Pull

What I think makes these pizza twists more unique than all my other recipes that used dough was the puff pastry. The puff pastry gave each twist a very flaky texture which reminded me of a croissant. Of course, along with the light flaky pastry it is filled with that bright burst of tomato sauce which adds moisture to the dish. Even though the cheese was missing I did miss the fact that there wasn’t any pepperoni to add some meat to the dish. However, in this dish, it would have been tough to fill with any other ingredients because then the twists wouldn’t have retained their shape.

Overall another wonderful Pizza Happy Hour Adventure! I may have left them in the oven slightly longer because some parts did have some raw dough. The wine was a great pairing to sip alongside these pizza twists. Sure it may not have been an Italian wine but at least Spain is found in the Mediterranean. Although I guess these pizza twists can’t really qualify as Italian since I doubt you can stroll up to a restaurant in Italy and order pizza twists.

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I’ve never cooked with Puff Pastry before so I wanted to ask you all if you have ever worked with it before? What was it used for?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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