Virtual Work Holiday Happy Hour: Poketeria and Cocktail Courier

You have become all so familiar with all of the work sponsored “Happy Hour” Adventures I have had whether it was my first one at Nguyen’s Kitchen to an Island Inspired Happy Hour. This one will be slightly different because this will be the first Virtual Happy Hour where I had a drink delivered! Although this was for a separate Happy Hour so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to show both of them together.

Box of Cocktail Ingredients

So this was my first time hearing about Cocktail Courier. Sure I’ve gotten alcohol delivered but it was always just liquor or pre-made canned cocktails. The beauty of this service is that they send you a kit with all the ingredients you would need to craft the perfect libation.

Small Flyer

They are going big on their statement of delivering the World’s Best Cocktails straight to your door. I guess I will have to be the judge of that!

Tiny Ingredients

So I realized I may have left out one crucial ingredient from the picture above, limes. Knowing that do you know what drink we could be making? Extra points for those that know the actual name but if you can at least guess the general cocktail then kudos to you! One thing that I love about the kit is the tiny bottles of ingredients with the agave and blood orange syrups. However, the cutest thing is that little bottle of Angostura Bitters. It reminds me of the baby bottles of Tabasco that they would bring to your room whenever you ordered room service from a hotel.


  • 2 oz Reposado Tequila

  • 1 oz Lime Juice

  • 0.5 oz Agave Syrup

  • 0.5 oz Blood Orange Syrup

  • 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters

  • Secret Triple Spice Salt

Polar Margarita

I’d like to share with you the Polar Margarita! Any time you see lime, agave, and tequila then you know there are margaritas involved. This was right before the Holidays so of course, we had to go with a Holiday Inspired drink to celebrate. To me, I feel like blood orange isn’t a holiday-inspired ingredient but it did help to create a color that reminds you of the holidays. It’s a little lighter than poinsettias which can be spotted everywhere during the holidays. Enough with the looks what about the taste? Well with any margarita you get the burst of citrus from the limes and the warmth of the tequila. The blood orange did help to add a different citrus flavor to the drink which helped to enhance the cocktail. The most surprising thing was the Triple Spice Salt. This is where the holiday flavor comes to your taste buds. There were notes of cinnamon which is one ingredient that can be found in all kinds of holiday food! Overall I would have to say it was a delicious cocktail. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was the world’s best cocktail but it was a great cocktail to sip on while playing Holiday Jeopardy with your coworkers.

Crunch Roll

So now let’s go back to the food portion of the Virtual Work Holiday Happy Hour! First up is the crunch roll! A crunch roll is filled with tempura shrimp and crab plus avocado to add some creaminess to the roll. A squirt of eel sauce helps to add a touch of sweetness to each piece of the roll. However, the ingredient that makes this roll a crunch roll is all of those little bits of tempura to add crunch to every bite. They almost little bits of Rice Krispies. Either way, I love when there are a variety of textures of a dish because it makes things a touch more exciting in each bite. Overall a delicious roll of sushi with all kinds of wonderful ingredients and flavors.

Poke Bowl

For the main entree of this Adventure, I was feeling like I needed a whole bowl full of poke! You may remember the first time I shared with you poke on an Adventure at Bear Flag Company. The poke over there was simple with a few ingredients which simplicity is nice when it comes to poke. In this order, I may have gone overboard on the number of ingredients I wanted to be added to my bowl of poke. I had wasabi, spicy mayo, sesame seed, jalapeño, green onion, ginger, crunch onion flake, cilantro, onion, crab meat, avocado, volcano sauce, spicy tuna, salmon, Albacore, and white rice. I know I did add way too much. I think what I should have done was ordered just one type of fish and ordered it without the spicy mayo. The spicy mayo was just a little too much for me because it did overpower the taste of the fish that I did have inside. Besides that, I thought it was a decent bowl of poke and had some wonderful spice and crunch to satisfy my tastebuds. I do have to say the value of how much you get in that bowl was worth it!

For this Virtual Work Holiday Happy Hour, we played a couple of different games. But my favorite was the Holiday Scavenger Hunt. We were shown a holiday-inspired object that we would have to scour the house for. I did not win but it was fun seeing everyone running around and trying to get back to the computer to show their object on the camera.

Website: Poketeria & Cocktail Courier







I know we are well past the Holidays but I wanted to ask. What fun holiday games did you play that you found most enjoyable?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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  1. My office still had a Christmas party this year despite being in the middle of a ~propaganda~. My boss played this made up card guessing game that allowed absolutely everyone to win money. What we were playing the game for was to determine how much money everyone won. I think I got 80 bucks out of it which was awesome!

    I don't think I ever knew that agave was a giveaway margarita ingredient! I've seen sooo many variations of the basic margarita recipe that I have not been able to get it down in order to ever make myself one. It's a shame cuz I think margaritas are probably my favorite drink but I never can make a good one at home cuz every recipe and video I find tells me something different! Grrr!

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