I may be cheating a bit on this particular Happy Hour Adventure since the main reason for it was technically for my meal prep for the week. But when I first made this particular meal prep I thought to myself, this would make an excellent appetizer for a Happy Hour. I think you will think the same thing when you find out what it is.

Uncooked Meatballs

Look at those meatballs standing at the ready as they prepare to march towards the heat of the oven. Sure they may not be pretty looking right now but once the heat hits them they will turn to a bit more of a golden brown color. Does anyone want to place their bets on what type of meat I used in these meatballs?

3 Ingredient Cocktail

Before we get into the appetizer, or technically meal prep, let’s enjoy a drink as we cook. I’m sure you recall that honey-ginger syrup that I created specifically for the Penicillin Cocktail for my Classic Chinese Takeout Adventure. I wanted to utilize it again so it wasn’t a one-trick pony. I decided to keep things simple by just using a couple of ingredients to allow the honey-ginger syrup to shine. I felt the ingredients to do that were lemons and vodka. I feel vodka is a very versatile liquor because it has a more neutral flavor and works well with a variety of mixers. If you were on Instagram during the right time I put up a question to find suggestions for a name for this concoction. There was one that stood out the most to me, The Throatcoat. It’s perfect because when I think of honey, ginger, and lemon these are all things you would want to have to help soothe your throat.

The Throatcoat

  • 2 oz vodka

  • 1.5 oz lemon juice

  • 1 oz honey-ginger syrup

The Throatcoat

I’m not going to lie, it was tough to find the right ratio of the ingredients to make sure this was one well-balanced cocktail. It’s especially tough when you are still trying to figure out how much liquid your new glassware can hold. All you have to do is shake up all your ingredients with ice to get it super frosty. It helps to throw your glass in the freezer with water to get your glass ice cold since the drink itself won’t have ice in it. It truly was a lovely drink to sip on. I love the flavor of the honey to bring on the sweetness, while the tartness of the lemon juice makes sure things aren’t too sweet. Then the pop of ginger gives some warmth to the concoction with that signature flavor. Maybe this is a drink that can help with your sore throat if you are desperate enough to have a drink while you are sick, which I do not recommend.

Meatball Ingredients

If you guessed turkey then you guessed correctly! We are making turkey meatballs which I believe are a bit healthier than your traditional pork or beef meatballs. Because of this, I think one won’t feel as guilty when they pop them into your mouth. For those of you that are familiar with making meatballs you might be thinking, you don’t use mayonnaise or mozzarella cheese in the meatball process. Well, I would have used eggs as my binder but my roommate had used up all of my eggs. Luckily I did some research and found cheese and mayonnaise can be great binders to hold the shape of the meatballs. I found that three tablespoons of mayonnaise equal one egg. However, I would not suggest using mayonnaise as a substitute if you are baking cakes. I probably didn’t even need to use the mozzarella cheese but when you love cheese it doesn’t harm the dish.

Now that’s a lot of Ingredients

Don’t worry we aren’t just eating plain old turkey meatballs because that wouldn’t be exciting. We are going for an Asian influence for these delectable meatballs. I know when most people think meatballs they always go the Italian route but it’s important to be a little more creative and mix things up. The above ingredients are what it takes to create a honey-sriracha sauce. Of course, you have the honey and sriracha but then you have some other common ingredients like soy sauce, garlic, and ginger. Then you have some more unique ingredients such as sesame oil and rice vinegar.

Let’s get Saucy

After thinly chopping or in my case grating the ginger and garlic you’ll combine all of your ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly. After that, you will have a bright red sauce with bits of ginger and garlic peaking throughout.

Coating the Meatballs

After combining all of your meatball ingredients and forming them into that iconic spherical shape. You’ll throw them in the oven at 375 degrees F for 20 to 25 minutes to get them cooked perfectly. When there are around 8 to 10 minutes left on the meatballs then it is time to start cooking your sauce. This will allow the sauce to thicken up a bit and to cook the garlic and ginger so those flavors don’t knock you on your butt as much. Then you’ll throw in your cooked meatballs into the skillet and get to tossing so the sauce is coated across the entire surface.

Honey-Sriracha Turkey Meatballs

After numerous steps and components, we have finally created a finished dish. The first thing that hits your taste buds is of course the honey-sriracha sauce. The sauce is more on the sweeter side of things because in my personal opinion sriracha is not the spiciest of the most common hot sauces out there. I think if I used a little bit of the red pepper flakes in the sauce I could have made the sauce a little spicier to my liking. Once you bite into the meatball itself you get a very moist meatball which was a bit of a change from the first time I made them. I think that is because I used mayonnaise instead. I believe the mayonnaise was what transformed the meatballs to be truly delectable. It also helped to add a little bit of fattiness to the dish which helps to add more depth to the flavor.

Stacked Meatballs

Overall I’m very happy with the way that these meatballs turned out! I cut the recipe in half because 40 meatballs seemed like overkill to me but it would be the perfect amount if one is having a party. They are easy to eat because they are the perfect size for one to pop it directly in their mouth. Just in case you are curious about what I paired these with for my meal prep I just kept things simple. I made some brown rice and roasted broccoli which I always love the char that the broccoli gets when you throw them in the oven.

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I’m sure a lot of us have come into the problem of not having all the ingredients we needed to make a dish. My question to you is what is the most unique substitute ingredient you ever used in a dish?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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