It’s Just Wings: It’s Just Wings

As the title of this Adventure suggests it’s just wings we are indulging in. Ok well, not just wings but mostly wings. The name of this dining establishment is It’s Just Wings which is telling you exactly what one is going to expect here.


This Delivery Happy Hour Adventure is a little different than your typical 20% off up to $5 delivery. DoorDash was running a great special where any order of $12 or more they would tack on an order of 11 piece boneless wings. Now that is a screaming deal if I ever heard of one!

Tropical Ingredients

Time to flip on the time machine because we are heading back, way back, in time. Alright, it’s 3 weeks before this Adventure which isn’t that long ago. But what is time in 2020? This drink was made during the same weekend I went over to Solita’s Tacos and Margaritas before enjoying the jacuzzi at my dad’s house all by myself. A trip to the jacuzzi always improves exponentially when you have a drink in hand. With the ingredients above you know it’s going to be something tropical.

Blue Hawaiian

  • 1.5 oz rum

  • .75 oz blue curacao

  • 2 oz pineapple juice

  • .75 oz cream of coconut

Blue Hawaiian

So you may recognize the ingredients pretty much match up with the shaken piña colada I made for my Easy Indian Happy Hour Adventure. The one unique ingredient is Blue Curacao which of course gives this drink its wonderful blue color to remind you of the ocean. When you shake up all these ingredients you get a wonderful frothy and creamy texture throughout the concoction. The taste pretty much aligns with the piña colada but the blue curacao adds a touch of sweetness and a slight citrusy tang. The perfect drink to have at the jacuzzi as you kick back and listen to the water flowing.

Curly Fries

Like I said earlier we aren’t just having wings because a side of nice crispy fries always pairs well with some saucy wings. In this case, we aren’t having your regular old straight french fry. We are switching things up with a container full of crazy curly fries! Seasoned to perfection they have a great taste all on their own and don’t require any dipping. Although I’m not going to say no to a container of creamy ranch for my dipping pleasure. I also ended up ordering one of their many unique sauces to try something a little different, Truffle Sauce. The sauce reminded me of Truff Hot Sauce which in my opinion is more sweet than spicy. I do love truffle items but I don’t think a truffle hot sauce is a way to truly appreciate the truffle experience.

Southwest Cajun Dry Rub Wings

I know I share a lot of wings on my Adventures but when wings are one of the most iconic foods for Happy Hours you are going to run into them a lot. But don’t worry I’m switching things up by introducing you to some dry rub wings for the very first time on this blog. I went with a Southwest Cajun dry rub and as the name suggests you are going to get a kick of spices. Something I’ve noticed with dry rubs is the fact that you can see more of the textures of the deep-fried wings. The outside of the wings were slightly overcooked because they were dryer in texture. Other than that the spicy seasonings were spot on enough to remind your tongue you are going through the Southwest.

Santa Fe Boneless Wings

Time for that free order of boneless wings which is also something new since I always get bone-in wings which I think are superior. The one thing I do enjoy about boneless wings is the fact you can pop a whole one in your mouth with no worry of swallowing a bone. The Santa Fe sauce is what caught my eye and nothing was going to stop me from getting these wings coated all over. The Santa Fe wings are smothered in a creamy jalapeño cilantro sauce. I’m all about that vibrant herb flavor cilantro brings and the spiciness of the jalapeño.

Even though wings can be found on pretty much every Happy Hour menu the possibilities are endless. Whether they come bone-in or boneless to sauced or dry-rubbed wings can be one of the most versatile foods out there. With all of these possibilities, it is hard to grow tired of them and this Adventure is no exception. Although wings do need to be mastered to truly be perfect.

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We’ll keep it simple. What type of wings do you prefer boneless or bone-in?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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