Happy Hour Error: Poultrygram & Happy’s

The main premise of this Happy Hour revolves around the 10% discount that Door Dash was offering on all alcohol! So I could not resist an opportunity like this to get discounted alcohol delivered straight to my door. However, we can’t just be having drinks so that is when I found a brand new place that just appeared on Door Dash.

Cool Logo

Poultrygram is all about serving up their Original Chicken and Nashville Hot Chicken! They keep their offerings simple with either a sandwich, wings, or tenders served with a variety of sides to complement the main dish.

Sparkling Cosmopolitan

I placed my order for my drinks and I eagerly waited for my order to arrive. While waiting I get a call from my DoorDash driver letting me know that Happy’s Liquor and Market was all out of the Monaco Citrus Rush. I was most excited by this drink because it just sounded unique. The driver said the Sparkling Cosmopolitan was going to be my only other option. You know how I am about carbonation but since it was my only option I had to go with it. Besides the carbonation in the drink, I found it to be quite delightful. I found the introduction of the pear was a unique addition to the traditional Cosmopolitan.


So after getting the call about that one drink I was expecting the rest of my order to be exactly as I had ordered. Unfortunately, that was not the case and when my order arrived I opened my bag and to my surprise, my entire order was completely wrong. I guess I shouldn’t say utterly wrong because at least the brand was correct on all the drinks. It just was not the drink that I had ordered. I didn’t drink all the drinks in one night but luckily for you at the time that I’m writing this Adventure I had finally partaken in all of the beverages. I had ordered the Stiff Lemonade but instead, I received the Tequila’Rita. I found it surprisingly sweet and the combination of tequila and vodka was interesting. Then again I find canned cocktails to have a slightly artificial taste to them. You may remember my very first BuzzBallz cocktail I had when I did my Bear Flag Co. Happy Hour Adventure.


Last but not least my original order was supposed to be a Long Island Tea but instead I got a Manhattan. You may remember the very first time I ever had a Manhattan during my Takeout Adventure from Bengies Deli. I was enjoying this beverage while I watched the sunset on the beach. However, the location did not make this 34 proof drink any better. When compared to a freshly made Manhattan there truly isn’t any comparison. One thing I do have to say is that this Manhattan was not as strong as the one that I had at Bengies Deli.

Steak Fries

Now off to the meal of the Adventure! But it’s always important to give the side dishes a chance to be featured. If you are looking for some very meaty fries then Poultrygram has the french fries for you. I’m a bigger fan of thinner and crispy fries than the massive steak fries above. However, I do have to say steak fries truly let the potato shine in all of its potatoey goodness. Also, the seasoning that they use on the fries helps to make these fries amazing! Sadly I won’t be able to share one of the sides with you because unfortunately they completely forgot my order of sweet and spicy pickles!

Not So Spicy Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders

I went with the tenders as my meal, more specifically the Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders. However, these tenders were anything but spicy. I felt that the flavor profile was more of a barbeque type sauce instead of a hot sauce. I would have thought that the secret chili glaze they coat the tenders in would have given it more of a kick. I thought the sauce was a little too sweet for my liking. I think next time I go I would like to go with their Original Chicken Sandwich to try it without the sauce coated all over the chicken. Because I thought the chicken itself was beautifully cooked but the sauce kind of ruined it for me.

Cinnamon Cayenne Snickerdoodle Cookie

Something that I don’t have too often on my Happy Hour Adventures is desserts. Just because you don’t see desserts on Happy Hour menus. I know this isn’t a true Happy Hour but the discount applied to any menu item opens up a whole realm of possibilities. When I saw this item on the menu I just had to share it with all of you. The Cinnamon and Cayenne Snickerdoodle Cookie! One can truly see all the cinnamon sugar coating the outside of the cookie. The cookie was tougher than I would have liked it to be but closer to the center it did get the soft chewy consistency I enjoy in cookies. When taking a bite and swallowing you may get a little itch from the cayenne pepper hiding within the cookie.

Now you know exactly why I called this Adventure, Happy Hour Error. When two deliveries on the same day had missing items or completely wrong items. It’s always a huge disappointment when your order isn’t what you expect it to be. However, I do have to give a shoutout to the customer service at DoorDash. I was given a full refund on my Happy’s order and got my money back for the missing pickles from Poultrygram. Because of the customer service and getting my money back, I will be giving the full amount of pineapples for this Adventures on Service.

Website: Poultrygram







Since my orders had wrong items and missing items I have this question for you. Tell me about an experience where you had missing items or wrong items at a restaurant and how did the restaurant remedy it for you?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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  1. Bread co gets stuff wrong a lot, but I know that from the working end not receiving. They'd give u a remake, a pastry, maybe a free meal voucher.
    There was one time at 6 flags where they gave me the wrong size soda. I said so and they stared at me real awkward for several seconds then gave me the bigger soda so it really wasn't so bad.

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