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So as I’m making my Meal Prep Happy Hour my body decided that I didn’t have the energy to make another meal. Since the Happy Hour, I was technically making was meant for my meals in the days to come. After scrolling through Door Dash I ended up finding the ideal restaurant that would satisfy my hunger.

Trio of Meats

I know the very first time I did a Barbeque Happy Hour Adventure it was in sandwich form, more specifically as a short rib grilled cheese. So I thought it was essential to get back to the basics and have barbeque in its most simple of forms, the meat.

Experiment Time

As always what are we drinking with this Happy Hour Adventure!? I decided to put on my science goggles because I was in the experimenting type of mood this day. I grabbed a bottle of gin, elderflower liqueur, lemon, simple syrup, and a couple of frozen berries from a bag triple berry medley. The berries are a mix of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries and I always have a bag of this on hand for my shakes during the week. As I said I was experimenting so, to be honest with you I had no idea what I was doing or how this drink was going to turn out.

Antioxidant Elderflower Cocktail

  • 2oz gin

  • 1oz elderflower liqueur

  • .75oz simple syrup

  • .75oz lemon juice

  • 3-5 berries

Antioxidant Elderflower Cocktail

Essentially what I did to create this drink was throw in the berries and simple syrup in my cocktail shaker and got to muddling. I thought this would be a “berry” perfect way to macerate the berries with a little sugar. Hopefully, I don’t lose anyone with that terrible pun. After that, I threw in the rest of the ingredients and got to shaking. As I pour it into the glass barely anything was pouring out. Why was this you ask? Well, blackberries have quite a lot of seeds to them and they were the ones responsible for holding back my drink. If I were to change the preparation I would crush the berries through a fine-mesh strainer to just get the juice of the berries. Or I could even create a simple syrup using the berries to still retain the berry flavor for this drink.

Let’s get to the taste! I thought all of the flavors paired perfectly together with the lemon juice giving some tartness to the sweetness of the berry medley. Then the gin brought in the notes of juniper berries which adds even more to the berry orchestra that is within this cocktail. I know not a lot of people like elderflower liqueur but I think it was the extra punch this drink needed. The bad thing about this drink was the fact that I was drinking up a lot of pulp and seeds which I personally don’t want to be surprised by when I’m drinking a cocktail.

Cornbread and Fries

Before we get to the meat of this Adventure, let’s give the side dishes center stage for a moment. Opening the food act of this Adventure are the carbs. Seasoned french fries along with jalapeño cornbread. I’ve discussed fries way too many times to count so let’s skip them and talk about this jalapeño cornbread. The cornbread was sweet like so many other cornbreads because of the natural sweetness the corn brings to it. Personally, I did not get too much spice from the jalapeños that were present in the cornbread. Which was a bit disappointing but besides that the cornbread was quite delicious especially when warmed with a pool of butter.

Mac and Cheese


Mac and cheese! A side dish that you typically see in barbeque and southern cuisine. The Macaroni noodles are the perfect shape to allow the gooey cheese sauce to seep into the inside to maximize your cheesiness. I’ve never been the biggest fan of mac and cheese in all honesty. I think for me it is because of the cheese sauce that places put on the macaroni. Sometimes it’s artificial tasting cheese which is what turns me off from it. I am a purist when it comes to cheese so I want to be able to tell that it is a true cheese sauce. In this case, I think my expectations were met for this mac and cheese. It wasn’t a mind-blowing side dish but it delivered its point. I love it when places put bread crumbs on mac and cheese because it adds an extra layer of texture which I think is very important.


I am someone that always loves to try a mix of everything. That is why samplers are one of my favorite things to get while at a restaurant. Most samplers typically are in the form of appetizers but in this case, it came as a full meal. First up in this trio of meats is a barbeque dish that I feel doesn’t get the love it deserves, sausage. I think it’s the perfect vessel for creating great flavors because you can load all kinds of spices along with little pockets of fat to bring on additional flavor. I just wish there were hotlinks because hot links are one of my favorite types of sausages. I actually was first introduced to hotlinks by my grandpa since he is a huge fan of them. Overall, these sausages did the job and brought the flavors I was looking for.

Pulled Pork

Now onto one of the most popular things that people always get when they go out for barbeque, pulled pork. Imagine a colossal pork roast sitting in the barbeque for hours being slow-cooked then being brought out to be transformed to its true form of being pulled. Pork always seems to be so tender whenever slow-cooked which is the ideal way it should be. I find pulled pork best when on a bun and smothered with a well-balanced barbeque sauce. But having it on its own is fine as well so you can truly taste the meat itself.

Beef Brisket

Last but certainly not least is the beef brisket! I’m sure you remember from my Bosscat Happy Hour Adventure where I first told you about my experience of waiting 4.5 hours for Franklin Barbeque. I don’t think I’d ever wait that long for food in my life but it was some of the best barbeque I have ever had. Once you’ve had barbeque in Texas all other barbeque just can’t “meat” your expectations. Sorry for another terrible pun but I just had to. I did enjoy that they chopped the brisket into bite-sized chunks for easier eating. I wish I could tell you I found a barbeque place that is on the same level as Franklin but I can not be dishonest. But if you are looking for barbeque this should be enough to satisfy you.

Website: Beach Pit Barbeque







Since this was a sampling of different meats I have this question for you. What is your favorite sampler platter you have ever had?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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  1. Favorite samplers, hmmm… probably any decent charcuterie and cheese board cuz I think that counts, and any alcohol flight cuz I also think that counts. 2 of my favorite flights have been in Disney Springs, surprise surprise

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