I’ve realized it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure. I figured I’d start with an easy one so I can get back into the groove of things. This one involves no cooking whatsoever which is always a plus! However, there is still work involved so prepare your aprons and grab your cocktail shakers because it Happy Hour time.

That Bread Though

Got a whole montage of ingredients to share with you for this Adventure! Luckily most of these items you should already have at the ready at home. The only items that I needed to pick up from the store were parsley, a baguette, and Parmesan cheese. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased parsley before but Trader Joe’s has live plants that you can keep by your window to continue to grow. Although my most recent trip I saw TJ’s sold parsley by the bag and was cheaper than the live plant. Oh well, you live and you learn.

Cocktail Ingredients at the Ready

I’m going to hit you with a throwback back to Halloween night! I made this drink during a Virtual Happy Hour for work to celebrate Halloween. I even did a full-on presentation to show how to make this spooky concoction. As you can see it does involve quite a few ingredients but luckily the process is simple. That is because it is essentially equal parts for all of the ingredients. Except for the vodka which is 1.5 parts because it’s important to get in a little extra alcohol.

The Purple People Eater

The Purple People Eater cocktail is the name of this Halloween themed libation to get you in the mood. You can keep things simple and just mix everything all at once and pour it into your glass. Or if you want to be a little more creative you can have a little more magical element by shaking up the blue curacao and vodka together pour it into a glass then shake up the remainder of the ingredients and pour it into the glass and watch the magic happen. It feels like you are in potions class creating some sort of unique elixir. My thoughts on the drink were that it was overbearingly sweet. But when one uses blue curacao and grenadine you are in for a very sweet drink. I’d say you could cut the grenadine and blue curacao by half and this would undoubtedly make it a little more bearable. Maybe even add some more sour mix to enhance the tartness.

All the Garlic

First up you are going to mince up some garlic but in my case, I ended up utilizing this special tool to grate up the garlic. I’m sure you remember this wonderful tool during my Cajun Shrimp Skewers Adventure.

Grated Parmesan Reggiano

I figured this time around I would up my cheese game with some Parmesan Reggiano cheese coming straight to you from Italy. I know I’ve gotten Parmesan cheese that comes straight from the shelf to shaved parmesan cheese. So I wanted to do something a little different with a chunk of Parmesan cheese and grate it using my grater. This hard cheese is granular in texture and has a hint of nuttiness to it. I recently found out that most Parmesan Reggiano cheeses that are sold in the US are fake because to get this classification it must be produced in Italy and the rind must be stenciled with Parmigiano-Reggiano. Before you scroll to the next picture any guesses as to what I’m making?

Garlicky Oil Dip

If your guess was a Garlicky Dipping Oil then you nailed it. In a dipping tray, you’ll pour in your olive oil. From there it is just a matter of throwing in your garlic, cheese, and chopped parsley. Then it’s important to always season your food so I ground up some salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes for the heat. It is a dipping oil after all so what better vessel for dipping than some sliced baguette bread. So I may have slightly lied about the No-Cook portion of this Happy Hour. I say this because if you are like me then you’ll want to get this bread warmed up. After a couple of minutes in the oven or air fryer, you have some toasted bread for your dipping pleasure.

Dip Pic

Now let’s dip our bread and see what this garlicky oil dip is all about. My first thoughts are that I may have used way too much garlic or maybe the garlic wasn’t the freshest. The raw garlic was very strong and overpowered the entire dip. I was going freehand for the measurements because I didn’t want to make a huge dishful of oil. I think this dish would have turned out excellent if the ratios were perfect. I was able to taste the hints of the parsley to give it some herbiness. The cheese added a little bit of nuttiness but the garlic was still overpowering. I would want to give this dish another go to truly give it the chance it deserves.

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Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of garlic but sometimes it can be overbearing, especially when it is raw. I ask you this, What is your favorite garlicky dish?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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