Pit Stop Happy Hour: Solita Tacos & Margaritas

I was heading to my dad’s house for the weekend since they were going to be gone for the weekend so I thought it would be a great time to relax in the jacuzzi. But before heading over I ended up making a quick pit stop. What better pit stop than a Happy Hour Adventure?

The Entrance

My parents live close to Bella Terra which is a nice outdoor shopping area with many wonderful restaurants. I ended up choosing Solita Tacos & Margaritas for my Adventure on this particular day. I’ve only dined at Solita once but it was during non-Happy Hour times so I knew I had to go back.

Patio Dining

Solita has expanded out and taken over a lot of space in the gardens and near the water fountain. I love how they have umbrellas that match with that bright light blue of the Solita sign. If one is familiar with the colors or Solita then anyone walking into Bella Terra will know that this is Solita territory.

Happy Hour Menu

I like how there is not a single item that goes over $10. I feel $10 is the highest price that a Happy Hour item should be in most cases. I don’t mind paying a couple of extra dollars more if it means it’s going to be enough for a full meal. The best deal that I’m seeing is the K-38 deal which gets you 2 tacos and a house margarita. Separate this would normally cost $13, so with the K-38 deal, one saves an additional $3. However, I ended up steering away from it though because I wanted to share a different drink with you. I’ve had my fair share of regular margaritas that range from my very first Adventure at Acapulco all the way to my most recent one at La Vida Cantina. I’m sure you can guess what it was.

Unique Chips and Salsa

Before we get to that drink though I was served up a unique twist on a free item that you get at all Mexican restaurants. The first unique twist is the fact that it is a mix of white and blue corn tortilla chips. However, the obvious differentiator is the durro on top which is of course has that famous wagon wheel shape to it. It is a puffed wheat chip for those that are unfamiliar with this popular Mexican snack. I feel most Mexican restaurants serve the same type of salsa so when I saw this unique garlic and chile de árbol salsa which was quite flavorful.

Watermelon Margarita

Now it is time to get our drink on! You may have guessed that I went in the Watermelon Margarita direction. You’ve seen plenty of plain old margaritas so I wanted to spice things up a bit. Speaking of spicing things up I made sure to get a tajin rim for my drink to add some unique chile flavor which pairs perfectly with watermelon. Just what I expected the refreshing watermelon flavor came flowing through. It truly is a great drink to quench anyone’s thirst.

Duo of Salsas

In preparation for all the food that would be brought out something essential for Mexican food are salsas. On the left, you have a dark red salsa speckled with black spots throughout. This salsa is for all spicy lovers because it is a smoky habanero salsa. It does bring on the smokiness because the first taste does bring about the taste of a fire pit on a cold fall night. On the right, is the vibrant green salsa. This is a serrano chili salsa that is better suited for those whose palette can’t handle the intensity of habaneros.

Chicken Taquitos

The first item to arrive at the table was the chicken taquitos. My first expectation was where exactly are the taquitos because there was a mountain of shredded lettuce hiding them. I had to get to digging so you can at least see one of the taquitos. The durro has made another appearance but this time we see it is dipped right into creamy guacamole. The taquitos were extra crispy on the outside which I don’t mind but the first bite didn’t have chicken inside of it. I felt the taquito wasn’t filled through which was a bit disappointing. I do wish the chicken was a bit dry but that is where both the serrano salsa and the guacamole came into play.

Carnitas Tacos

For the main meal, the carnitas street tacos arrive alongside the taquitos. Topping the tacos is of course cilantro which is a necessary ingredient for all street tacos. For some creaminess, an avocado crema is drizzled onto the surface. The carnitas was quite juicy and tender which is key in a good carnitas dish. I added the smoky habanero to the tacos to help add some spice which in the end was counterbalanced by the avocado crema. The pico de gallo hiding in the background to add some nice bursts of tomato and onion flavor to the taco.

Overall I felt it was the salsas that came to the rescue to help out all of the dishes by adding extra flavor. The margarita I felt was a little pricey for Happy Hour but at least it was a taller glass compared to other Happy Hour drinks that I’ve had.

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Since the salsa were the stars for this Happy Hour Adventure I have this question for you. What type of salsa do you enjoy the most? Tell me about the spice level, the ingredients, and the flavors.

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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  1. My mom used to have this green salsa recipe that I adored. It had avocados in it but not overwhelmingly so, and it wasn't spicy which meant I could easily enjoy it. It looked kinda gross but it was super tasty. I was always so surprised that I liked it because it had plenty of cilantro in the recipe which is a flavor and smell that I typically hate. It's so sad though because she can't make it anymore! There was a certain essential ingredient or flavor from a particular brand that got discontinued! She tried making it with a substitute or something that was the same but from another brand but it truly was noticeably worse so she hasn't made it since.

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