Desert Oasis Patio: Memphis Soul Cafe

I ended up working through lunch on this day which I know is terrible so I decided I would treat myself. I was doing my research and I saw that a place that was originally on my list for Happy Hours had officially brought back their Happy Hour. I was ecstatic about this news because it is just down the street for me. I grabbed my mask and hand sanitizer and hit the road.

The Entrance

Memphis is right next to The Lab and right across the street from The Camp. Both destinations have delicious eats and boutique shops. You may remember my Adventure at Taco Asylum which unfortunately has closed down for good because of the pandemic. It just breaks my heart seeing these places shut down. I do my best to support restaurants during these times but sometimes it is not enough.

Desert Oasis Patio

Memphis Soul Cafe went all out in their new patio! Before they just had a little tiny covered patio and the inside is a very small restaurant. This patio looks like a desert oasis with the sand and the aloe vera plants. I love the touch of adding the succulents and cacti on the picnic-style benches. As you can see I was the only diner here which made me feel very comfortable.


The Happy Hour is a lot different than what they originally had posted on their website before the pandemic hit. The reason you are seeing costs like $7.31 or $10.47 is that all snacks have a 25% discount. It may not be the typical Happy Hour prices but any sort of discount still helps in saving money. If you are looking for simple drinks then you are looking to drop around $5 but if you are hoping for a craft cocktail be prepared to drop $10 or $11.

Memphis Mule


I went with the waitress’ recommendation by ordering the Memphis Mule. As you can see there are three different liquors you can add to your mule and again I went with the waitress’ recommendation with the cucumber vodka. I loved the burst of ginger flavor one gets with each sip. I think utilizing ginger syrup gives one a more ginger forward taste compared to the typical ginger beer. The cucumber vodka was hard to pick out because of the heavy ginger flavor but overall it was a refreshing drink.

Southern Rock Crab Cakes

First up I went with the most expensive food item on the Happy Hour Menu, Southern Rock Crab Cakes. They truly were I’d even say Southwestern because of the use of corn, peppers, and spices throughout the crab cake. One thing that I loved was when I grabbed my fork and finally broke into the cake because the sound of that crunch was satisfying. I was thrilled to see the amount of crab that was used to make these little cakes. Even though they are tiny that does not mean they are exploding with flavor. That flavor is only enhanced with the side of smoked tomato sauce. I feel that sauce could almost be a soup and I would gladly pick up my spoon to eat a bowl full of it. The coleslaw was pretty standard but it did add a refreshing crisp texture to the crab cakes.

Loaded Potato Pancakes

I went ahead and ordered the loaded potato pancakes which sounded similar to a latke. To my surprise, these were some of the thickest “pancakes” I have ever laid my eyes on. All of the loaded parts of the potato pancake was on top with the bacon and alapeño crema sauce. The potato was more like an oversized tater tot which left a lot of the potato not being surrounded by a crispy exterior. The bacon and the crema were the best parts of the dish. I was a couple of bites in the pancakes when the waitress asked how it was. She saw I wasn’t the most thrilled so she replaced them with something else.

Gumbo Cheese Fries

I ended up going with the Gumbo Cheese Fries to keep up with that Southern and Cajun cuisine theme. What caught my eye first were those shoestring fries which are my favorite type of fries. That’s because they get super crispy yet you can still taste the fluffy potato on the inside. The fries were prepared differently because they did have a slightly different taste most likely from a different type of oil being used. The gumbo truly was the star here! As with all gumbo, there is such a wonderful flavor and if you’re lucky it has some great spice to it. This gumbo contained smoked chicken, okra, chicken andouille sausage, and shrimp. I, unfortunately, did not see any shrimp in the mix which was disappointing but overall it was a great dish.

I’m glad I went when I did because it felt like a nice little private desert oasis. It reminded me of Arizona which brought up some nice memories. Nothing beats great food and drink on a lovely outdoor patio.

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When you go out to eat I only eat on the patio. So my question to you is what is your favorite outdoor dining spot? What makes it unique?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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