Seafood Galore: McCormick & Schmick’s Grille

After a long week at work, a much needed Happy Hour Adventure was in order. I ended up going to the Anaheim Garden Walk which is just right across the street from Disneyland. This has been the closest that I’ve been to the parks in nearly 7 months. I still can’t believe it’s been so long but I’m getting off track. My parents ended up meeting me over the Garden Walk so we can have a nice dinner.

Anaheim Garden Walk

The Garden Walk has definitely changed quite a bit from the last time I explored here. But then again a lot of places, mainly restaurants, have changed how they operate. When I first came walking down the paved pathway I saw scores of tables nestled to the sides. As you can see it is a ghost town which I find very sad for these businesses struggling to survive.

Awning above Patio

We decided that McCormick & Schmick’s Grille was the ideal location since it had something everyone would enjoy. Luckily we were the first ones there and we were sat in their little outdoor patio right outside the bar area. This patio can only fit 6 people with social distancing so it was the ideal spot to be seated.

The Bar

The bar is pretty standard for the most part with granite tops and leather seats with a very unique design on the back.

Dining Area

The indoor seating is very upscale, but it’s more of that generic upscale look that you see at higher-end chains. One thing that caught my attention was the large three-tiered light fixtures hovering above the dining area. As you can see the dining area is empty with the only person in sight is a waitress.

Happy Hour Food

Enough with the atmosphere of the restaurant let’s start looking at what to order. The first half of the menu is all about the numerous food items that one can indulge on. It is split int $4, $6, $8, and $10 items which keep things nice and even. It really keeps in mind individuals with numerous budgets that are dinging out.

Happy Hour Drinks

This section is all about the drinks. They range in price from $5 to $8.50 depending on your choice of poison. Most of the drinks here are all about the different wines one can get whether you want a more standard Happy Hour Wine or for those with more expensive tastes the Premium Wines. Although they do have your typical well drinks like most Happy Hours. One thing that is offered that I don’t see too often are some higher-end liquors such as Tito’s, Aviation Gin, and Bulleit Bourbon.

Happy Hour Cocktails

Don’t worry we are almost through the menu. Last but not least are the Hand-Crafted Cocktails and Martinis. Although looking at these drinks I don’t see a single Martini listed. Maybe they meant to say Margaritas but even then there is only one Margarita listed. For the most part, the drink offerings are ones that you can find anywhere. Probably the most unique sounding one is the Prosecco Sangria which is probably the drink I should have ordered. Well, you can’t change the past, so it is what it is.

M&S Iced Tea

Before my parents arrived I figured I’d kick start things off with an M&S Iced Tea which is just a Long Island Iced to fit the name of the restaurant. Although one ingredient that I noticed was missing was tequila. However, I was not devastated by the disappearance of the tequila because it allowed the other ingredients to shine. I felt I could really taste the freshly squeezed lemon juice as it melded with the wonders of Cointreau.

Bread and Butter

The waiter was kind enough to bring out some fresh warm bread that I can nosh on while having my drink and waited for everyone else to come. One thing that I love is something for free, especially if that something is smeared with butter.

French Martini

Soon enough my dad, stepmom, and her brother arrived and we went to ordering numerous platters to fill us up. After finishing my M&S Iced tea I wanted to order something that you don’t exactly see on the menu. However, those with a keen eye will have spotted that underneath the American Craft Spirits portion of the menu it stated that Martinis & Rocks Pours will cost extra. We asked how much extra this would be and he said it would only be an extra 50 cents maybe at most $2 depending on the liqueur. I went searching for different gin martini variations because I really wanted to see what Aviation Gin was all about. That’s when I discovered the French Martini which is made with a raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice. Once I saw that I was sold and ordered one up. It was one refreshing cocktail, but one thing I wish was that the raspberry liqueur was more shaken into the drink. It was near the end when all I was drinking was the raspberry liqueur. Which isn’t bad but I was hoping for it to be more uniform in taste throughout.

Spicy Seared Ahi Tuna

Finally, let’s start digging into some real food now with an order of Spice Seared Ahi Tuna! If this doesn’t scream spice seared then I don’t know what could. You can see the combination of the red and black coloring of the outside with flecks of pepper seeds. Plus the bright red coloring of inside the tuna with the slightly cooked ring on the outer edges. Each sliced ahi tuna piece has such a luscious texture along with the heat that coats your mouth. For additional heat one can indulge in the pickled lipstick peppers or cool things down there is avocado cilantro lime aioli.

Calamari “Fritto Misto”

Next up was the Calamari “Fritto Misto” which had a medley of different ingredients in the mix. There were jalapeños, banana peppers, artichoke, carrots, and of course the most important ingredient of them all, calamari. Most calamari ends up tasting the same but what makes it unique are the supporting players in the dish. I also enjoyed the touch of the parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. The breading was perfectly seasoned and the cocktail sauce added a nice little zing.

Cheese Burger

After going through the appetizers it is time to dive into the meals that one can eat on the Happy Hour menu. One thing Christine’s brother always gets is the burger so I promised I would share it on the blog. Although I didn’t get a chance to try the burger it did look like a very appetizing meal. Just look as the cheddar cheese blankets that thick burger patty. I know we are talking about a burger in an Adventure filled with seafood but burgers are something that is entwined in Happy Hours.

Ahi Tuna Bowl

Christine went ahead and ordered the Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl which was quite impressive in size and enough for a meal. I didn’t get a chance to try it either but her favorite part was the wonton chips. Which eying the chips they seem like the perfect crunch factor for more of those luscious chunks of ahi tuna.

Open Blue Cobia Tacos

I wanted to save the best for last and something I wish I was able to have all for myself. But fair is fair since my dad and I decided we would split the tacos. These are the Open Blue Cobia Tacos which is similar to Tilapia and is a fish that you can find off the coast of Brazil. The taco was topped with a fire-roasted corn salsa which had the perfect amount of char and sweetness. The next topping was a refreshing jicama slaw to add a nice burst of freshness. The same avocado cilantro lime aioli that made an appearance with the Spice Seared Ahi Tuna. I don’t want to forget the most which were that wonderful blackened Open Blue Cobia. Each bite was a great explosion of flavor in each bite. These have probably been the best fish tacos I have had on my Adventures so far. If I have to critique one thing about the tacos was the fact that the tortillas were a tad dry.


After a lovely Happy Hour Adventure, we walked through the Anaheim Garden Walk to see all the Halloween decorations and numerous photo opportunities. It was great to walk around the area where not too many people roamed. On the opposite side of the Garden Walk, they actually had a DJ playing at one of the restaurants which was a much livelier environment. With it being livelier it meant the restaurant was that much busier. I’m glad we ate in a much safer restaurant for this Happy Hour Adventure.

Website: McCormick & Schmick’s Grill







This was my first time trying a new type of fish before. I would like to know what was the newest type of fish that you tried recently?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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