This Happy Hour Adventure was supposed to be completely different. I had placed my order for one restaurant and then I look at my email where it said that the order could not be completed. I didn’t see this until 30 minutes after I ordered so I had to scramble to find something new. Luckily I was able to find a place that was still delivering special deals and jumped on it.

Mysterious Blue Libation

Luckily while I waited for my food I was at least able to enjoy a drink. What could possibly make a drink such a vibrant blue? Well for that you’ll have to wait for the next picture.

Ingredients for a Blue Lagoon

I decided to keep things simple with just three simple ingredients: vodka, lemonade, and Blue Curacao. I’m sure you now know who the impostor is that is giving this cocktail its signature blue look. The Blue Curacoa is one of the other ingredients that I got from my Total Wine & More run. I hope you don’t worry though because I still have one more bottle of liqueur for a future concoction. These three ingredients just sounded like that would mix well together and I didn’t really go off a recipe. But then a day or two after making this drink I saw a video of how to make a Blue Lagoon. Which uses these three exact ingredients. Although I did use a lime wedge as a garnish because I love how the blue and green play together. So I guess I didn’t come up with it exactly but my ratios were different than the recipe you will see below:

Blue Lagoon

  • 1oz Vodka

  • 1oz Blue Curacao

  • 4oz Lemonade

  • Ice

Essentially it tastes just like a Vodka Lemonade but with a slightly sweeter taste because of the Blue Curacao that is shaken throughout. Plus I’m a firm believer that drinking something blue gives it a more tropical feel.


I found out the restaurant has an actual Happy Hour for people to enjoy. Basically, all the starters, sake, hard kombucha, and soju are $2 off which is not too bad of a deal. However, there was one item that I really wanted to try that is not considered a starter. Place your bets now to what item I was eyeing.

Kung Pao Calamari

I know I just had calamari recently for my McCormick & Schmick’s Happy Hour but what can I say, I love good calamari. One noticeable difference between this calamari versus the ones from MS is the sheer size of the rings. These are almost the size of onion rings and one could really play a prank on someone and say they are onion rings and see their reaction after the bite. One ingredient that I found unique was the shaved almonds scattered across the calamari. The sauce for the calamari was a Chinese chili sauce which was more on the sweeter side than the spicy side. Overall the delicious batter on the calamari was really made this calamari unique.

Korean Fried Chicken

I hope you placed your bets in time because the dish that I wanted to try was the Korean Fried Chicken. How could I pass up on something that said was a Best of OC Weekly Winner? Since I ordered through Door Dash I was able to get this item discounted for a total of $4.80 which is a lot better discount than paying full price and just getting calamari for $2 off. The menu showed different flavors than I could choose from than what was visible on the DoorDash app. For my sauces, I was able to choose 2 so I picked both spicy and black peppercorn. I have to say that these were very flavorful pieces of Korean Fried Chicken. The outside was very crispy covered in a sauce that was both sweet and a slight spice. I was disappointed by the spice level since when you order something spicy you are expecting a good deal of heat. The chicken was juicy underneath each crispy bite. I would love to try the Taiwan 5 Spice if I do get the opportunity to visit this restaurant in the future. I would like to go back so I could get some soju to show on a future Happy Hour Adventure for the first time.

This may not have been the meal I originally wanted but sometimes things happen for a reason and the food you end up getting is quite delicious.

Website: Krave Asian Fusion







I honestly don’t have Korean food too often but I am always happy with what I order. Have you had Korean food before? If so what did you get? Typically for me, I get Korean BBQ.

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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  1. Yes, KBBQ is usually what I have. I don't know anything about it either. I'm always with someone more familiar to it than I and they just tell me what to eat and how to eat it. I never have any complaints.
    Have u ever had peach soju? That's my favorite.

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