Cheesy Mexican Happy Hour: La Vida Cantina

This Happy Hour occurred the same day as my Classic Chinese Happy Hour which as you may remember ended up arriving late. My dad asked if I wanted to meet up around 4:30 but I was still overstuffed from lunch. Because I wasn’t super starving we only ended up ordering one food item. So I do apologize for the short Adventure but a Happy Hour is still a Happy Hour no matter how many items one orders.

Sign at the Entrance

My dad was actually the one that came up with this suggestion over at The Triangle in Costa Mesa. I’m glad he suggested it because walking to the restaurant I found a couple of other places with great socially distanced patio seating. I hope to return to The Triangle to go on more Adventures but for now, let’s have a fiesta at La Vida Cantina.


La Vida Cantina has an enormous outdoor Patio and this is a small snippet of what they have to offer. It is nice to see that they have a fire pit and heat lamps prepared for the coming cooler months.

Outdoor Bar

The outdoor bar was a bit crowded so we made sure to stay clear of the area. But I was able to snap this picture of the massive amount of booze in the center with TVs circling all around for everyone’s viewing pleasure. I loved how the overhead canopy mimicked a thatched gazebo on a beach in Mexico.

Happy Hour Menu

Menu items range anywhere from $4 to $11 which gives an individual a variety of options for ordering. Unfortunately, there aren’t any specialty drinks on Happy Hour special other than a standard Margarita. Food items are all the typical items that one would find available at a Mexican restaurant except for one item. Borracho fries was something I have never heard of but since we were not too hungry and the fact that I was with my dad we ordered a smaller item. Don’t worry I’ll return one day to share with you what exactly Borracho fries are but that is something you will have to wait for. Maybe I’ll have to return on a Monday when it is all-day Happy Hour just like Red Table.

Chips and Salsa

As with most Mexican Restaurants, there is always a basket-full of tortilla chips to fill you up. Since my dad beat me to the restaurant they were already awaiting me when I arrived. Nothing really unique about the chips and salsa here, unfortunately. The salsa looks exactly like many other restaurant salsas you see everywhere.

House Margarita

Of course, I ended up ordering a House Margarita just to see how it compares to other margaritas that I’ve had in my past Adventures. Again nothing too exciting about the Margarita. It tasted like your standard Margarita mix but they did use Tosco Tequila which if it is the same one I see online then it is supposed to be high-quality Tequila. However, no matter how high-end of a liquor you use it will also depend on the mixers you use with it.

Altered Queso Fundido

My dad and I had to go with the Queso Fundido because that is one of our all-time favorite items to get. We did ask for modifications though to match it with something we would like more. Typically this Queso Fundido uses ham and bacon for the protein. To me, that sounds like a more Americanized version of Queso Fundido which would not do for both my dad and I. Instead we asked for chorizo as the substitute in replacement of the ham. I loved seeing the fresh bright green jalepeños marching along with juicy diced tomatoes. We kept the bacon since we were curious to see how it would enhance the dish. It helped add a nice salty crunch to each bite of your Queso Fundido taco. I loved everything about it until the chorizo. The chorizo was very well done and almost burnt. Luckily a majority of the dish is cheese so that helped to mask the burnt taste but I could still not get past it at times.

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Chorizo is something that I don’t enjoy overdone and burnt although my dad is someone that does enjoy his chorizo well done. My question to you is what foods do you enjoy a little extra done?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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  1. AGREED. Most people I know prefer their bacon underdone and I don't get it. Like, I don't want my bacon to be chewy. Ew. I agree about potato dishes too, but I haven't had many contradictions with that like I have with the bacon.

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