After completing meal prepping and a Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure I was exhausted. Obviously, I wasn’t going to cook up a meal for dinner so I took the lazy route and ordered delivery. I took out my trusty phone and starting scrolling through the Specials section for some good deals.


After scrolling, I found Cajun Islands was offering 20% off up to $5 off! I know it’s the only special deal that they offer but I’ll take any deals where I can get them. Plus I always do love some good cajun food and I was ready to explore some very interesting options.

Vodka Mango Lemonade

No alcoholic beverages were offered on DoorDash but that doesn’t mean I can’t craft one myself. I saw that they had a Mango Lemonade to help quench one’s thirst so I ordered one of those. From there I mixed in some Vodka for a refreshing Vodka Mango Lemonade. Although, after making the first glass I didn’t feel like having another drink since it was Sunday. So I ended up drinking the rest as is. That is when I discovered that at the bottom there was a whole bunch of little mango chunks. This would explain why I was given one of those thick straws that allow you to slurp up boba and other goodies.

Bagged Goodies

We’ll start on the more tame side of things as we progress through the food portion of this Happy Hour Adventure. One thing that is uniques though is how this item was packaged. These Louisiana Hot Sausages were thrown in a baggie filled with some spicy cajun sauce. So let’s slap these sausages on something that will be a little more presentable.

Louisiana Hot Sausages

They do look better outside the bag but I guess all sausages basically look the same. Although here you see those chunks of garlic and peppers covering these bright red links. As with any Louisiana Hot Sausages, they had a perfect snap after each bite. Plus you feel the heat going through your body as you continue to devour these sausages.

Crawfish Po’boy Sliders

Let’s continue our trip down the bayou with something you may find crawling on the river banks. No, you can’t find sliders making their way down the river but something you can find are crawfish. That is what you can find nestled between these Hawaiian sweet buns to create the Crawfish Po’boy Sliders. I did find the rolls to be a little overbearingly sweet and took away from the flavor of the fried crawfish and the nice spicy aioli.

Bayou Frog Legs

Last but not least is something you can find hopping around the local pond and the most unique item of the batch, Bayou Frog Legs. I’ve only had frog legs once before in my life and it was a solid 15 years ago. I don’t remember them too much but then again I don’t really see them at restaurants too often so when I saw them on the menu I just had to order them. As I said I’m not too familiar with frog legs but the texture was quite chewy. They also had a natural sweetness to them which I was not expecting but besides all of that, it really did just taste like chicken. I know it’s a cliche but it is quite true.

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Since I was able to have some frog legs on this Adventure I wanted to ask, What is the most exotic thing you’ve eaten?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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