I was getting tired of the typical meal prep recipes that I rotate through each week. So I decided it was time for a much-needed change. That is when I came across a turkey slider that used sweet potatoes as the bun. One other unique factor about these sliders was the fact that they had bacon in them! Don’t worry there’s a reason I’m talking about my meal prep and not the Happy Hour Adventure. I only needed 4 slices of bacon for my meal prep so I had to decide what I was going to use the rest of the bacon for.


Sneak Peak

After scrolling through the Tasty app for a while I came across the perfect recipe that involved just two ingredients. Bacon and cheese! Two of the best things one could desire on Earth. Who wants to go about shopping for a whole bunch of ingredients that may go to waste just for one recipe. That’s why I find it best when I can find creations that incorporate a few ingredients.

Cocktail Ingredients Ready

As always we must get a drink prepared to enjoy while we get to cooking. I’ve been holding onto this $50 gift card for Total Wine & More since my birthday back in June. So that’s almost 4 months! I’m the worst at using gift cards right away but I do eventually use them. I already had all the main liquors one needs to create a variety of cocktails. However, what I was missing was liqueurs to manifest new and complex drinks for my Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventures. I had initially created another drink for this particular adventure but it wasn’t the best fit for the appetizer. So I decided to make a whole other drink. Any guesses to what bottle I purchased from Total Wine & More?

Sex on the Beach

If you guessed the Peach Schnapps then you have very astute eyes since besides the little orange juice it is the only full bottle. Don’t worry I did purchase some fancier ingredients as well. There’s only one drink that involves these four ingredients. It’s something that you may find yourself drinking on a beach. Growing up I drank orange juice and cranberry juice mixed. Who would have thought that drinking that would lead to this cocktail? The orange and cranberry mix brings on a tartness to the drink but then you add in that Peach Schnapps and you are bringing forth some sweetness. Plus you can’t forget about the universal liquor, Vodka!

Sex on the Beach

– Ice

– 1.5 oz of Vodka

– 1 oz of Peach Schnapps

– 2 oz of Cranberry Juice

– 2 oz of Orange Juice


There’s plenty of different methods for creating this drink but for me, I shook up some ice, peach schnapps, and orange juice in a shaker. Poured that into a glass and cascaded the cranberry juice to create a nice color changing effect.

Bacon and Cheese

Now back to the important things in life, bacon, and cheese. Before we can even get to cooking we’ll first want to throw in the number of cheese sticks equivalent to the number of mozzarella sticks you desire in the freezer. This will help to firm up the cheese sticks so you don’t get an oozing mess. After a couple of hours, they are good to go! Unwrap your cheese stick from the plastic so we can wrap it with something more edible, bacon. Once you wrap up the cheese sticks you’ll want to pin the bacon to the cheese with some toothpicks to hold everything together. The recipe said to cook it on the pan but I figured I’d give my trusty air fryer a try. Unfortunately, this error was going to cost me deeply.

A Mess of Melted Cheese

What exactly are your eyes seeing above? Well, what you are seeing is the mistake of my ways. This is all the cheese that came oozing out of most of my bacon mozzarella sticks. I’m sure there were different places where I messed up on as well. It could have been when I let the cheese sticks sit in water for a couple of minutes while in their wrappers to make sure the toothpicks could get through. Or It could have been when I didn’t use the second slice of bacon to cover the cheese and then wrap it. Who knows but sometimes not everything turns out perfectly the first time. Regardless, let’s see how they turned out.

Buffalo Ranch Dip

Didn’t mean to tease you but we’ll need a sauce for dipping these Bacon Mozzarella Sticks into. I’ve always been a fan of using ranch for my mozzarella stick dipping pleasure but a plain ranch dip isn’t enough. I went with a buffalo ranch to add a nice creamy spice to the bacon mozzarella sticks.

Bacon Mozzarella Sticks

There you have it, folks! A mangled mess of cheese covered in bacon. A majority of them did lose out on a lot of cheese but there were a couple of them that hold onto their integrity. But besides their looks, they did taste quite delicious. Sure they were pretty greasy but if you like bacon with melted cheese then I think you will enjoy it.

Dip Pic

Of course, we have to get some dipping action. Imagine dipping that crispy piece of bacon into a bath of spicy ranch. That bite is an explosion of delicious saltiness followed by the melting cheese flowing into your mouth. I’m not going to lie should one really be eating a plate full of bacon mozzarella sticks? Probably not, but it’s not like I eat something like this all the time. So I’d say once every so year won’t kill you.

Website: Bacon Mozzarella Sticks





Work Level:   (Cleaning the air fryer was a pain)


Since this involved a disaster of a mess with oozing cheese everywhere I wanted to ask. What is your worst kitchen disaster?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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  1. My biggest kitchen disasters were when I was living with my grandparents and trying to cook in their kitchen. They have those flat glass cook top stoves, which stain so easily. There was more than one occasion where I had a pot boil over onto that stove. Sometimes it was just water, sometimes more, but either way it would leave big difficult stains that have grandma heart attacks.

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