It may not feel like it here in Sunny Southern California but I’m sure my fellow Adventurers in other states are feeling a brisk autumn morning. To honor it being fall I figured it was time to create an autumn-inspired Happy Hour Adventure. Many ingredients scream fall but to me, one that is prevalent most of all is apples.

Autumn Ingredients

What could I possibly be making with all of these ingredients? You may be thinking how do ladyfingers and goat cheese pair together? All of your answers will be answered soon enough but just looking at these ingredients is making me dream about this autumn appetizer.

Libation Ingredients

Are you surprised? Yes, even the libation for this Adventure involves an apple for its ingredients. You may spot a couple of new bottles being used for this Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure. First up is a bottle of California Gin straight from a local distillery in Huntington Beach California. This distillery is called Surf City Still Works and creates a multitude of different liquors for your consumption. Next up is a bottle of Elderflower liqueur from Drillaud, just like many of my other bottles of liqueur that I got recently.

Jazz Apple

For this recipe, we are going to want to cut our Jazz apple into quarters. Scratch that because it honestly depends on what type of blender you are working with. I ended up cutting these apple chunks into smaller bits to properly blend.

Squeezing Apple Juice

After blending your apples you will be left with an apple sauce essentially but we don’t need apple sauce, we need apple juice. Dump the apple sauce mixture into a cheesecloth because it is time to work those squeezing muscles. Place a strainer on top of a bowl to catch any bigger chunks just to be safe. Although the cheesecloth does an excellent job of holding all the bigger pieces inside.

Hand-squeezed Apple Juice

After all of that squeezing, I was surprised about how much apple juice I was able to get. Sure it may be a lot of work but once I took a sip I knew all of that hard work was going to pay off. It was apple juice in its purest form and it tasted just like I stuck a straw in an apple that I had just plucked from a tree in an apple orchard.

Autumn Garden

After all of that work, you are going to combine your cranberry juice, lemon juice, elderflower liqueur, and most importantly fresh-squeezed apple juice into a shaker. And as always get to shaking with some ice. Strain into a tall glass with ice and voila there you have the Autumn Garden. If you want to be extra like me then you will take an apple and thinly slice it stick a toothpick in it and fan out the apples to create a lovely garnish. I can not say this enough but this has got to be one of the best Make Your Own Happy Hour Drinks I have ever had the pleasure of sipping on. It was just so light and refreshing and it really did feel like I was surrounded by fallen leaves looking at a vast forest of the color-changing trees. I think using anything other than fresh-squeezed apple juice will not get you the same drink. It may take extra effort but this was a case where it was totally worth it.

Goat Cheese and Ladyfinger

Let’s start building up our appetizer for this Adventure. So the base is going to be one-half of Ladyfinger long ways. Luckily the pack of ladyfingers I purchased was already cut so it made it that much easier. Then it is time to spread some goat cheese across the entire surface of the ladyfinger to get a consistent bite. The cheese probably would have been easier to spread if it was softer but when you are hungry it is tough to wait.

Sliced Apples

Next, we need to thinly slice our Honey Crisp apple to gently lay across the goat cheese. This is essentially what I did for my garnish for my concoction but I sliced them a little thicker for the appetizer. 

Honey Crisp & Goat Cheese Ladyfinger Crostinis

Next, it is time to get to chopping up those pecans and rosemary. The recipe called for spicy pecans but all I could find at Trader Joe’s were the Sweet and Spicy Pecans but I figured the flavor profile matched with what I was making. You’ll sprinkle all of those chopped topping over the apple to add some crunch and zing to the dish. Last but not least is a drizzle of honey because we are using honey crisp apples after all. I know there are quite a bit of layers on this appetizer but with a name like Honey Crisp and Goat Cheese Ladyfinger Crostinis you are going to have a lot of ingredients in play.

Now that the creation is complete let’s bite on in. At first taste, you do get an explosion of sweetness which is understandable from the ladyfinger to the honey drizzle. But then comes in the creamy and salty goat cheese to help cut off some of the sweetness. The crunch and spiciness of the pecans provide a different texture experience. Of course, I can’t forget to mention the pops of fragrance that the rosemary provides. I would have never thought that using apples in a Happy Hour Adventure could be such an amazing choice. I might have to mix things up with another autumn-inspired Happy Hour Adventure.

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My question for you for this Adventure is what food do you look most forward to during the autumn season?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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