So for the life of me, I had no idea what I was going to be making or getting for my newest Happy Hour Adventure. But my mind kept on revolving around a thing of pizza sauce that I had gotten for my most recent meal prep. Then while shopping around Trader Joe’s inspiration hit me!

Time for the sauce

What inspired me was when I came across these miniature french rolls and came up with the idea of Pizza Sliders. After getting a couple of other ingredients for the perfect slider I was set to bring my inspiration to fruition.

Recipe for Barbados Rum Punch

Took another recipe out of my Smugglers Cove recipe book for another tiki-inspired drink. You may see that the recipe matches Grog from my Fried Mac and Cheese Bites Adventure with one unique differentiator, Angostura Bitters. Unfortunately, I was missing nutmeg because it was put in the description. I was mainly focused on making sure I had the ingredients in the bullet points.

Ingredients for cocktail

Even though I didn’t have nutmeg I at least had rum from Barbados. So in the end this could still be a true Barbados Rum Punch. It is amazing the varieties of rum there are in the world. One could taste their way through a country’s drink of choice.

Barbados Rum Punch

There you have it a Barbados Rum Punch which may look exactly like Grog but with only one additional ingredient that tends to happen. The taste was very similar to the Grog as well but I think those dashes of Angostura bitters helped add in a bit of orange flavor to it. Plus the ratios of simple syrup and lime juice were different from the Grog which helped give this one a little more sweetness.

Ingredients for Sliders

Did I buy all of these extra ingredients just because I had pizza sauce? Yes, yes I did. Although the jalapeño I needed for my meal prep so luckily Trader Joe’s sells them by the bag. Those chopped up onions and bell peppers were from my meal prep from the prior week so I figured a couple of extra veggies couldn’t hurt. Although one thing I should have done was buy the Mozzarella cheese for my zucchini turkey pizza boats instead of the Almond Mozzarella cheese I had gotten. Because this bag would have been enough for both!

Seasoning for bread

Seasoning is very important during every step of the cooking process. So I wanted to add some extra flavoring to the french roll sliders I had purchased. And what screams pizza and Italian more than garlic powder, olive oil, and seasoning that says Italian on it.

Bread cut in half

You’ll want to cut those rolls in half and drizzle on that olive oil across the surface. Then with a little bit of sprinkling of spices, they are ready for the oven. I wanted to make sure that got a little bit of heat and crisp on them before layering those toppings.

Topped and Ready for the Oven

After having the bread in the oven at 375 degrees for 3 minutes I took them out to start the toppings process. I took a spoonful of sauce and spread a decent layer on the surface of both the top and bottom halves of the bread. Then I layered on cheese on both sides because when asked do I need more cheese the answer is always yes. Then a couple of slices of pepperoni and jalapeño to add some heat. Then the other side had those diced onions and bell peppers.

Pizza Sliders

After being in the oven for around 8-10 minutes you have your slider halves that of course need to be combined to form a slider. I love how vibrant green those fresh jalapeños are. It helps make the sliders have a bit more color.

That Cross-Section

With any sandwich, it is important to see that cross-section to be able to take a peek on the inner workings of the dish. The cheese had the perfect pull and with each bite. The pizza sauce added a bit of sweetness from the tomatoes in the sauce. The heat of the jalapeños was the perfect pairing to balance the flavors of the sauce. The red onions helped add a nice bite while the bell peppers had a great freshness too them. Last but not least is the star of the dish the pepperoni. The cult classic topping of any pizza one sees throughout tv and movies. It is a salty, fatty, and great flavor all around.

Dip Pic

If you remember from the picture showing all the ingredients to make this recipe that there was a bottle of ranch in the mix. Yet it wasn’t used anywhere else during the cooking process. Well, that is because it was being saved as the dipping sauce for these wonderful little sliders. I am someone that loves dipping their pizza in ranch and I don’t care what anyone says. It adds an extra creaminess to it which I believe enhances the sliders.

I don’t have a website for you this week since this idea just came to me. I guess the only thing I would say is to take a look at Trader Joe’s.





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We are going with a simple question this week. Do you dip your pizza in ranch? I think for me it does depend on the type of pizza.

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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