Island Inspired Food: Aloha Hawaiian BBQ

At work this week we had someone that had just started for the company and they would be part of a team that I was on. Typically when someone new starts there is a table that has a huge spread for breakfast with pastries, fruit, granola, and yogurt. This tradition has stopped but it was decided that there would be a virtual meet and greet lunch. So I figured this was another opportunity to pick out something for another Happy Hour Adventure. Luckily for us, it was being paid by the company so what better price than free!

Kalua Pork Platter

I decided it was time for something that I hadn’t had in quite a while. Some Island-Inspired cuisine straight from Hawaii. Ok well, maybe not straight from Hawaii but it was still Hawaiian food. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to go to Hawaii on several occasions but I would like to venture out there again. Now that I am old enough to drink it would be nice to partake in a tiki-inspired cocktail straight from the islands.

That sauce pour

Something that I’ve seen in Hawaii is outdoor markets where they serve up a variety of different boxed lunches. One popular staple of Hawaii is Kalua pork which traditionally is where they cook a whole pig underground wrapped in canvas and banana leaves. The sides of the dish vary but one thing that I’ve seen served typically is a macaroni salad. Not sure how this originated but I would assume it was from the continental US. Then the other side I ordered was some fries because why wouldn’t I get fries. The sides were nothing to get excited about but Kalua Pork was your standard salty delicious shredded pork. Plus with a pour of some sweet Hawaiian sauce, it helped bring a little moisture back to the dish. I don’t think eating Hawaiian food from your work station is the same as eating it on a beach with the ocean waves in the background.

Lilikoi Passion Fruit Juice

I couldn’t have a drink while on my lunch break especially during a meet and greet but there was a non-alcoholic drink that caught my eye. It was Hawaiian Sun Lilikoi Passion juice which just the name alone transports me to the jungles of Hawaii. The first sip of it I wasn’t too sure what to think of it. So I kept on taking sip by sip and it was by that third sip when I took a liking to it. But I guess when there are 37 grams of sugar pumped into it you are bound to like it. I decided that I would save a bit for an experiment for another day.

Passion Cocktail

Fast forward three days to when I got to create a cocktail. What type of alcohol do you think of when you think of any type of island? Or to make it simpler what is my go-to alcohol? Rum, of course! I decided that this passion fruit juice would pair perfectly with another sugar-based drink. I used white rum because I thought that would be the best type of rum for this drink. Although I may have put a bit too much rum into the mix which made the drink a little too overwhelming. Also, I think I’ve been drinking higher-quality liquor that the Bacardi didn’t taste as good from the when I’ve had it in the past.

Website: Aloha Hawaiian BBQ







It’s been a while since I’ve had Hawaiian food I have this question for you. What is a food item that you haven’t had in a while that you would like to have?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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