My dad called asking if I wanted to meet up for a Happy Hour in the area after the workday. So after sending over a list of outdoor Happy Hours we finally decided on one that was halfway between us. We decided to meet up right at 5 which was when the restaurant opened and when the Happy Hour started. It is key to get to a restaurant as soon as it opens because there aren’t as many people there to make it feel safer.

The Entrance

The Recess Room has been on my list for a while. My stepmom has been a couple of times and she says they have some great food and drinks. With a name that says libations and victuals I certainly hope it would live up to those fancy terms.

Entry room

I wanted to snap some pictures of inside while my dad got a table outside. As you enter you see a nice brick facade covered with some retro-looking posters. Now that I’m starting to think about the name it seems odd to me. Obviously, as kids, we always yearned for Recess to go out and play. It’s strange to call a restaurant The Recess Room when they serve alcohol.

The Bar

The bar was deprived of bar stools which I think is a safer bet since the bar top can get quite busy. I love the lighting on each of the different shelves. It reminds me of a setting sun with warm orange and red colors.

The Patio

There are two seating outdoor seating areas for the Recess Room. The one that you see above is their permanent outdoor patio. As you can see they have some great couches for lounging and a long bench with tables. For the most part, the tables are spread out. The one table that brings up the most concern is the tables in the left corner of the picture.

Tented Seating Area

A lot of restaurants right now are currently utilizing a temporary set up for outdoor seating. I do hope this continues to be the case because I would prefer to continue dining outside. Again nice couches for lounging as you sip on refreshments. One thing that pops out the most is the lights hanging from the ceiling of the tent.


Our waitress did let us know that the Happy Hour menu has been reduced given the current times. I’m just ecstatic that they have a Happy Hour because not too many places have them anymore. For the most part, everything is essentially around $10 with the cocktails and the entrees. As you can see they serve up a burger and a chicken sandwich so the perfect amount of food for an entree.

Old Cuban

Any guesses to what drink I ended up starting with? If you know me then you know that I would start with a rum-based cocktail. I just had to go with the Old Cuban which uses a mint-infused rum. I’ve never had a rum that was infused with mint so that was another reason I had to give it a try. It was quite a refreshing beverage to sip on. I would have preferred something else in the replacement of the sparkling wine.

Ward Eight

Next up on the drinking schedule was the Ward Eight. I was very curious about the ingredient combination of this libation. I’ve never heard of combining bourbon with orange juice and grenadine together. Replace the bourbon with tequila and you essentially have a tequila sunrise. After the first couple of sips, I ended up enjoying it quite a bit more than I was expecting to. I’m not much of a bourbon drinker and I would suggest this drink to be the perfect introduction to bourbon.

Left Hand

Last but not least was the Left Hand. I wish I did not end on this drink because it was my least favorite of them all. I think it came down to the Italian Bitter Liqueur and the Xocolatl Mole bitters that threw off the taste for me. It made the whole drink have a bitter after taste which makes sense with two ingredients that have bitter in the name. I’ve never had a problem with bitters but this was my first time having Italian Bitter Liqueur which I believe was the driving force.

Crispy Pork Belly

The Recess Room is known for tapas so we at least had to partake in at least one small plate. So we all decided we could easily split the Crispy Pork Belly with one another. It was served with a combo of pluots and plums to add some sweetness while the serrano and Fresno peppers came to kick up the heat. I also enjoyed the fresh herbs such as mint and basil to add some herbaceous notes. However, I was not a fan of the batter that was used for the pork belly. Most of the crispy pork belly that I’ve experienced has never been battered so it added a strange consistency. Luckily the Son’ vinaigrette came in to add some extra flavor and added some moisture to the dish.

Thai Tots

Now off to the official Happy Hour food items! We started off with the Thai Tots which at first glance don’t really scream Thai. But then you see the sauce cup in the middle which is filled with a sweet chili sauce. When you finally bite into the crispy tot you get a big pop of lemongrass chili seasoning. I preferred eating the tots by themselves because you are able to taste the seasoning. The sweet chili sauce tastes exactly like the one you could find at the grocery store and is overbearingly sweet.

Szechuan Hot Chicken Sandwich

You may be wondering why the sandwich is cut in threes? Well, we decided we would split it amongst the three of us so we could all try. This was one tasty spicy chicken sandwich with an Asian twist. The crispy chicken was coated in Szechuan Hot Chili Oil which had just the right amount of heat to be enjoyable. Plus the combo of the refreshingly crisp slaw and the aioli helped bring in the cool factor. I enjoyed the bun with all of its buttery glory and the introduction of the burn marks added a nice burnt bitterness which I liked in this case.

Smash Burger

Originally we weren’t going to order the burger but we decided what the heck and went for it. I am so glad we ended ordering it because I would have been so disappointed if I didn’t try this burger. I’ve ordered plenty of burgers on my Happy Hour Adventures plus even making my own when I made the Chorizo Mexican Burger. I might even go as far and say this has been the best burger I’ve had on my Happy Hour Adventures. I’m drooling right now thinking about that very first bite as I write this post. It was an explosion of flavor from the perfectly seasoned smashed patty. I also loved the leafy greens all the way to the creamy thousand island dressing.

Overall a very enjoyable Happy Hour with my family. It was one of the pricier Happy Hours that I’ve been to with everything priced at $10. I’m glad we were able to enjoy the peaceful quiet serenity of the outdoors before people started flowing in. I may want to return again to see what Tiki Thursday is all about. It looks like they have amazing drinks and they offer 15% off if you wear a tiki shirt or bring in a tiki glass.

Website: The Recess Room







Since I had a drink that contained bitter ingredients I wanted to ask. Tell me about a drink that you had that contained bitters. Whether you liked it or not I want to know.

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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  1. I do not know an answer to ur specific question cuz I don't remember which drinks I've had that contained bitters, but wow those cocktails sound good, especially the bourbon one. Also, is it really that weird to call a bar the recess room? When kids grow up, don't u think they'd want their adult recess to include alcohol? What about the adults on their break from children while the kids are on recess? I bet they want some alcohol too.

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