Double Happy Hour Adventure: Bosscat & Ten Asian Bistro

You might remember that back in March I ended up getting some Happy Hour To Go from Ten Asian Bistro. However back at this point in time restaurants were only doing food to go. Cocktails To Go was not a thing yet so I promised them that I would return to give their drinks a try.

Lychee Like That

I’m going to skip over the menu and atmosphere portions since I’ve already discussed it in my first post here. I put a link to my last post earlier so you can experience the items I had originally had. The cocktail that really popped off the menu for me was the Lychee Like That. This is a gin-based cocktail with lychee and lime juice. It was quite refreshing to have on the patio far from other patrons dining here. I’m so glad I was able to return to try out this light flavorful drink that really shows off the flavors of Asia with the lychee.

Asian Street Nachos

I went ahead and ordered something a little different this time around rather than the sushi I had last time. Although I’m going to tell you right now that if you are coming to Ten Asian Bistro stick with the sushi. Especially when it is a place that is known for sushi. I was intrigued by the sound of the Asian Street Nachos since it sounded unique. In the replacement of tortilla chips, wonton chips were used. In addition to this, there was a mix of Asian slaw, sriracha aioli, eel sauce, chicken, and of course cheese. Because what are nachos with cheese. I think all of these ingredients together aren’t the best pairing for one another.

My suggestion for anyone that comes here is to stick with the sushi and of course the Lychee Like That. Originally this was going to be my only stop but while I was looking through my phone I realized that it is Newport Beach Restaurant Month. So I ended up going to the Dining Pass that I had downloaded to check out what restaurants were participating and saw that right next door Bosscat Kitchen and Libations had a great deal going on. Not sure If I mentioned it last time but both Bosscat and Ten Asian have the same owner so this Double Happy Hour Adventure pairs well together.

Outdoor Seating

One thing that a lot of restaurants are doing is using the parking lot to have a vast outdoor patio area. Bosscat definitely nails their outdoor space by making sure tables are very well distanced apart from one another. Plus the astroturf on the ground really helps to add color instead of just sitting on a plain old parking lot.

Whiskey Flight

So you may be wondering what is this fabulous deal that Bosscat has during Newport Beach Restaurant Month. Well, they are offering a free flight of whiskey with any purchase and by any purchase, I mean any purchase. They offered three different offerings with a very decent pour in each of them. I’m not the biggest whiskey drinker so I’m not too familiar with the different tastings. As you can see above there is the Old Grand Dad, Wild Turkey 81, and Old Forester Bourbon. I looked them all up and they all price around $20 a bottle so nothing too fancy but what can you expect when you are getting a free tasting.

Wild Turkey 81

Although there was one that stood out the most to me and that was the Wild Turkey 81. I loved the hints of vanilla and other spices to add some unique flavor profiles. I still don’t think I’m going to be drinking whiskey straight but maybe in some cocktails. I remember having the Old Fashioned here which was phenomenal and really helped open my eyes to how whiskey can be transformed.

Pig Pickin’ Tacos

Since you got the whiskey flight with any purchase it was just my luck that it was still Happy Hour at Bosscat. I wanted to try one of the other appetizers for Happy Hour that I didn’t get last time. I went straight for the Pig Pickin’ Tacos because a combination of tacos and barbeque is always a plus in my book. On a nice thick and fluffy flour tortilla laid a pile of pulled pork along with a light refreshing slaw. The pulled pork was a mix of juicy and crispy which added a variety of textures that I enjoy. The crisp slaw helped cut through the very meaty taco. Overall an excellent take on a fusion food item.

Overall it was a great experience with some great deals that were way too tough to pass up. Especially since both restaurants are right next door to one another.

Website: Bosscat & Ten Asian Bistro







I’m not much of a whiskey drinker but am open up to trying new things. So this question is for all of the whiskey drinkers. What is your favorite whiskey to drink?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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