So after just using my DashPass for the first time the night before I ended up using it again the very next night. That’s right 2 nights of delivery in a row but it’s important to treat yourself whenever you can. 

Great Mex on DoorDash

One cuisine that always makes me happy is Mexican Food and while scrolling I came across Great Mex which was offering 20% off up to $5. So I figured I’d give it a shot. I threw in my order, which I saved around $4 with just the discount alone. Plus the delivery was free and the service fee was only $1 instead of $2 so I’d say I saved some money. While I waited for my food to get dropped off I grabbed my mixology gear to create a perfect cocktail for this meal.

Spicy Cocktail?

The inspiration for this drink was because of the unopened jalapeño limeade that I had bought from Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks back. So I ended up just searching for cocktails that used jalapeño limeade and luckily for me it did not take long to find. The one different ingredient is the seltzer flavor that I used. They suggest a raspberry seltzer but then they say any of your favorite seltzers would be fine. Since I had this Orange Mango bottle lying around from when I got it free from Von’s I figured that it would pair well with this cocktail.

Work those hand muscles

I threw in a couple of mint leaves then squeezed in the juice of half a lime directly onto those leaves in the shaker. Then after a slight muddling of the leaves, I threw in 4 ounces of the limeade, 3 ounces of the seltzer, and only 1 ounce of tequila. Then the most unique ingredient was a dash of cayenne pepper to add a little zing to your drink.

Spicy Jalapeño Mint Margarita

There you have a Spicy Jalapeño Mint Margarita! You can see the specks of the cayenne pepper floating waiting to spice up your tongue. I think the orange and mango seltzer was a great pairing because they are common flavors that one can spot in a margarita. The mint brought in a nice freshness to help cool things down. Of course, the jalapeño limeade added another light spiciness level to the drink but since it is a limeade the additional lime juice made it perfect. One thing I would do differently is probably take away an ounce or two from the mixers and make up the difference with tequila. You couldn’t really taste the flavor of the tequila since the ratio of liquor to mixers was so low.

Chicken Enchilada

Now let’s stuff our faces with a chicken enchilada first. This item was the one that I added to my 3 item platter because why not get 4 items! However, I probably could have gone without it because the chicken on the inside was dried out. The sauce was pretty generic but the one highlight is all of the melted cheese that oozes off the edges.

Chile Relleno

Without cutting this I would have never thought in a million years that this was the Chile Relleno. It literally was a big circle of fried batter with a little bit of green chile on the inside. The batter was just tasteless mush, to be honest. I know I’m being pretty harsh but I have had some delicious Chile Rellenos before so my expectations are high.

Al Pastor Taco

You know how much I love a good Al Pastor taco from my very first Happy Hour Adventure at Acapulco. Sadly this wasn’t a good Al Pastor taco just because the flavor wasn’t as powerful as it should be. I think what helped improve the flavor was with the spicy salsa which was the perfect addition to enhance the dish.

Beef Flautas

Probably the best item in the Trio Platter was the beef flautas but not by much. There’s something about a greasy fried crunchy exterior of a flauta that is hard to beat. The beef itself was overpowered by the greasiness of the outer shell but I do love that fried flavor, call me weird. Plus a little bit of guacamole and sour cream to freshen up all the items. One thing I was disappointed by was the fact that it said it would be two flautas but it clearly is just one cut in half.

Overall it seemed like the flavor of all the items just melded with one another. When I get different items I want each one to be unique in some sort of way through the spices. I guess one good thing was all the cheese that covered every single inch of the dishes. Overall not my favorite Mexican Happy Hour Adventure.

Website: Great Mex







Since this was the first time I had a spicy cocktail for my Happy Hour Adventures I have this question. Have you ever had one and if so what is the best one you had?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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