Late Happy Hour Adventure: Mi Casa Cal-Mex Cantina

First off I know this Adventure is a day late from the typical timing that I release my posts so I do apologize for that. It was an extremely rough and busy week at work with several days working overtime. I had ordered this delivery on Wednesday and was going to write it on Thursday but that is the day I ended up working 12 hours straight through lunch. I do not recommend that to anyone. Luckily this mid-week Adventure was the little light that helped give me a small break before the weekend.

Mi Casa Website

So I’m scrolling through DoorDash when I come across a Mexican Restaurant called Mi Casa. Unfortunately, this time around there isn’t a special 20% discount but it is a restaurant that delivers cocktails! I don’t see it too often so whenever I do I just have to give it a try.

Taped Cocktail

Now that I think about it this was the first cocktail I have gotten delivered. I have gotten cocktails To Go a couple of times but I have never had a cocktail delivered straight to my door. Although I have had alcohol delivered to me before if you remember my Expensive “Happy Hour” Adventure. It was the time when I received a bottle of vodka, so now is my chance to scale things back with a single cocktail, and this time tequila. 

Pineapple Express

The drink I ended up ordering was the Pineapple Express because how can I pass up anything with pineapple in the mix. Essentially it is a pineapple margarita but something that I thought was unique was the introduction of cilantro. When you think of cocktails you don’t think of savory ingredients being integrated. But that does make me think of the Maple Old Fashioned that had a slice of bacon from Great Maple. I’m not sure if I would have added cilantro to the drink because it almost made it a similar taste to a pineapple salsa. If you avoid slurping the cilantro then I’d say it’s a decent drink.


I was hungering for a fresh dish and the one fresh appetizer that comes to mind is ceviche. The ceviche at Mi Casa uses shrimp as the protein. Although I have had the opportunity to try white fish ceviche to cauliflower ceviche. It is fun to see what places uses as the base for their protein. One thing is certain when ceviche is in play and that is tomatoes, onions, and the occasional cucumber. While ordering I had the choice of picking from three different spice levels and you know I just had to go for the spicy version. If you look close enough you will see diced jalapeños scattered throughout the dish.

Chip Scoop

I wasn’t sure if they were going to provide tortilla chips but once I opened that bag I found a whole bag of tortilla chips! I had tortilla chips in my cupboard but why use your own when you can use the restaurant’s chips. They were a tad stale but after a quick trip to the air fryer, I was able to revive them a bit. After that first bite, I just get a burst of freshness coming from the shrimp, lime juice, and the cucumbers. Then you the burn slowly comes across your tongue from those jalapeños. Plus you thought we were done with cilantro but here it pops up again chopped up across the dish. I guess I can’t call myself a Californian without mentioning those slices of creamy avocados gently place on this seafood medley.

Website: Mi Casa Cal-Mex Cantina







Since I had a rough week at work a Happy Hour always helps brighten my mood. So my question to you is what food or drink do you have to help improve your mood?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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