I have another easy Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure for you! This one requires a little more work than the Laziest Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure Ever. But this one takes a lot less time than that one which means you get to eat a lot faster.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Another Trader Joe’s inspired Happy Hour food item because who doesn’t like a good dish from Trader Joe’s. But don’t worry I’m not going to be super lazy this time because I’m going to be doing some work to create the perfect dipping vessel for this.

Martini Ingredients

But first, we drink! So technically this was from another day when I was visiting my parent’s but I just had to share this cocktail. My dad had said he got a bottle of Grey Goose L’Orange, which is a fancy way of saying orange vodka. So I wanted to push that orange flavor so I ended up finding the perfect recipe. I hand-squeezed an orange to make the purest orange juice ever. Plus there is of course Cointreau and simple syrup hiding behind the orange.

Orange Vodka Martini

Look at this orange flavor-filled concoction. It is essentially an orange martini or dares I say an orange drop. There were so many layers of orange flavor going on in this drink from that fresh orange juice to the orange vodka, plus the orange liqueur. Because there were three layers of essences of orange it may have been a tad too much. I would suggest using traditional vodka instead of orange-flavored vodka. I think if you made this one change then it wouldn’t feel as if you are drinking straight out of an orange.

Un-fried tortilla chips

Let’s get back to that dipping vessel that I’m sure you’ve been eagerly waiting for. Yes, tortilla chips. For those of you that read my Nacho Ordinary Happy Hour Adventure, you may be thinking, but you made tortilla chips before. Well, those were air-fried tortilla chips so now I gotta show you how to make fried tortilla chips. So after you cut your favorite type of tortilla, I used a white corn tortilla, in the perfect tortilla chip shape it is time to get the oil hot.

Bathing in Oil

I ended up using some canola oil but vegetable oil would work as well. I would be interested in experimenting with different types of oils to see how the tortilla chips would taste between the variety of oils. What you are looking for is a slightly golden color so it’s important to keep your eye on them. I’d say it takes a minute or two to get the right color on both sides of the chip.

Chili & Salt

Of course, it is very important to get those chips seasoned as soon as you pull the chips out of the oil and place onto a paper towel. The seasoning sticks a lot better when the chips are fresh out of the bubbling oil. This time I used a little chili powder and salt to get the perfect amount of spice and saltiness.

Fried Tortilla Chips

After a quick cut of the tortilla, a little bath in some oil, and a sprinkling of seasoning we have finished our homemade tortilla chips. As you can see there is a wide variety of shades in this batch of tortilla chips. I mean I’m not perfect but honestly, a fresh tortilla chip is delicious no matter what.

Frozen Dip

Alright, the only thing missing is that Creamy Spinach Artichoke. There it is we are all set to eat. Although this does not look creamy to me. I guess I should actually heat it up, huh? Well, let’s throw this cylinder of frozen dip into the microwave and get this thing warmed.

Cooked Dip

That looks much better, don’t you think? It’s important to serve the dip in a fancier dish to impress people that maybe indulging in it with you. Or just for yourself so you can feel fancy like me in this experience. The dip doesn’t look the most appetizing but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, so let’s take a dip.

Dip the Chip in the Dip

I guess, in this case, the look did match the taste. I mean it wasn’t terrible or unappetizing but it wasn’t the best. Frozen items don’t always come out the best and that’s why I tend to steer towards making things myself. I think a little more seasoning would have helped improve it. Luckily the seasoned tortilla chip helped improve the dip a little but something needed to be added to the dip.

Overall an easy Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure but maybe it’s important to put in some work to help make things tastier. Hopefully, my tips will make your version of this Adventure a little tastier than mine.

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Since we’ve had a couple of Make Your Own Happy Hours that have involved dip I have this question. What is your favorite type of dip?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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  1. I'm not sure I'd call it my favorite ever, but what's coming to mind rn is a certain spinach artichoke dip from Tucson at a restaurant called Gentle Ben's. They purée it or something. I've never seen it served like that anywhere else. They serve it in a bread bowl with chunks of the same type of bread as well as tortilla chips. Super tasty.

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