Covered Patio Happy Hour: The Country Club

I ended up going for a drive on Friday because I just really needed to get out since I had such a long week at work. I drove around the Costa Mesa area and came across the Country Club. This is a place that has become known as the after-party for many of our Office Holiday Parties. The place looks so different during the day compared to how it is at night time.

The bar

I love all the exposed light bulbs over the bar. It gives a unique aesthetic to the place but in addition to that, it brightens up the bar. In these moments I do miss being up at the actual bar top to enjoy chatting with people.

Covered Patio

As you can see it is quite the shaded patio area to keep people cool on hot days. But it feels open with all the open windows allowing a cool breeze to come flowing through. Lucky for me I came right as soon as the restaurant opened which is the same time their Happy Hour starts. By doing this I think it improves your chances to go to a restaurant when it is not busy. Which I find important during these times if I do go out.

Country Club Vibes

You may be wondering why is this place called the Country Club? Well, the restaurant has all kinds of decor throughout such as trophies and other old school sporting equipment. It gives you the feeling that you are dining in an upscale Country Club without having to have a membership for one.

Food Menu Part 1
Food Menu Part 2

I’d say this has got to be the most diverse Happy Hour food menu I have ever seen. It ranges from American to Mexican, to a variety of different Asian influences. I’d say it typically is tough for a restaurant to offer a variety of different cuisines because the chef has to master all of those different cooking methods. If a chef does it well then it truly creates an international culinary experience. All the items range from $5 to as high as $15. Everything averages close to $9 to $10.

Drink Menu Part 1
Drink Part 2

The drink Happy Hour menu is heavy on the beer side but luckily for me, there were some cocktails to enjoy. They are your typical Happy Hour drinks that I’ve seen at most places but there was one that caught my eye, the Gimlet. This was the first time I ever saw a Gimlet featured on a Happy Hour menu. You may remember that I made a Gimlet for my Mexican Burger Happy Hour Adventure. I’m excited to give it a try at an actual restaurant.


Now that is one refreshing looking cocktail with the condensation from the glass screaming how cold it is. At first sip, I knew it was different than the one that I had made. Mine involved five parts gin which is quite a lot of gin. This one was more balanced with more of the citrusy lime flavor coming through. One thing that they did unique with the drink was instead of your typical simple syrup as the sweetener they used honey. It was a pleasant twist that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Fried Chicken & Biscuit “Slider”

Now onto some delicious food. The first plate dropped in front of me was the Fried Chicken & Biscuit “Sliders”. To me I feel like the reason sliders are in quotes is because of the fact that these biscuits are not your standard-sized biscuits. These were some of the biggest biscuits I have ever laid my eyes on. The biscuits had a perfect crispness on the outside and a fluffy inside. By themselves, the biscuits are loaded with buttery flavor which is perfect with the black pepper and strawberry jam. The strawberry flavor is nice and subtle and is not overbearingly sweet which is key when you have a crispy piece of chicken inside. The chicken was delicious but I think the biscuits outshined the chicken in this case.

Korean Fried Tofu Steamed Buns

The second item that I ended up ordering was the Korean Fried Tofu Steamed Buns. I don’t order tofu too often. By too often I mean never. However, I am so glad I did because this was by far my favorite item in this Adventure. The first flavor that punches you in the face is the ginger which is coming from the ginger and sesame dressing of the slaw. Speaking of the slaw it is a mix of cabbage and beautifully colored watermelon radish. Then you get the flavors of the fermented chili glaze. Which oddly to me had a slight buffalo flavor tang to it. But it was the perfect sauce to coat that fried tofu which I would have never thought in a million years was tofu. The flavors of the sauce and the slaw is what draws your attention.

Aron was the first person to greet me and sat me in a spot where I could be away from the other patrons of the restaurant. Which at the time there was only one other table being occupied. Kristy was my server who was very helpful in assisting me in asking about what made the ingredients in the gimlet. I did ask if I could get the Happy Hour to go but sadly that was not an option. I ended up just eating half of the food so I wouldn’t have to be in the restaurant any longer than I had to be. Not that I didn’t want to stay longer but just to stay as safe as I could during these times. Every time I took a bite I would put my mask back on to keep myself and others safe.

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Since I had tofu on this Adventure I have this question. What is the best tofu dish you have ever had?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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