I’m someone that goes into a grocery store on a mission and with a setlist of items to purchase. It helps me stay on budget and not go out of my way on purchasing unnecessary snacks because we all know that snacking has become a huge thing during the times of quarantine. But even someone with the strongest willpower tends to steer onto a different path. On this particular shopping day, that is precisely what occurred.

Raw Shrimp

As you can see, I had purchased some shrimp skewers, but I do have an excellent reason for this purchase. As I walk past the butchery and seafood section of the grocery store, I catch something from the corner of my eye. I end up having to walk back because I saw a sign that intrigued my interest. That sign was advertising five shrimp skewers for $5! How could I not purchase those skewers because that is so cheap?

Two-Ingredient Cocktail

As I prepare all of my prep work for this Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure, I decide to get my drink ready. My roommate has had a bottle of peach tea whiskey lying around for the longest time. The reason for this is because this has got to be the sweetest whiskey that will touch your lips. I did have the opportunity to try it straight a week prior, and I thought of a simple cocktail that would be perfect. By simple, I do mean simple because it is only the two ingredients, the whiskey, and a lemon.

Alcoholic Peach Arnold Palmer

The inspiration for the cocktail is essentially a take on an Arnold Palmer but with peach flavoring. Yet even after the addition of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, the sweetness of the whiskey was still coming through. I believe with a little extra bit of lemon juice, and I could have created a well-balanced Alcoholic Arnold Palmer.

Garlic Plate

So I did not base this off a specific recipe, I ended up just researching anything that involved cajun flavors. One crucial component of any cajun dish is garlic. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce yet another present that my mom has gotten me.

Pulverized Garlic

This little platter allows an individual to easily grate or pulverize anything that you scrape across this spikey surface. The most common use for it is garlic, which, to get the result above, just pour a little bit of olive oil and scrape the peeled garlic back and forth. Another ingredient that I use this dish for is ginger for any of your Asian inspired dishes.

Cajun Time

Now off to the part that creates those beautiful cajun flavors, the seasonings. It is quite the array of spices that is required to create a tremendous cajun seasoning. Since this was an unplanned Happy Hour Adventure, similar to my Chicken Taquito Happy Hour Adventure, I was not prepared and did not have all the ingredients as home needed to make an original cajun seasoning. So I improvised with a majority of the components that are necessary to create it.

Cajun Butter

Now it is time to get our cajun butter game on by combining melted butter with our seasoning and that crushed garlic. As you wait, one can enjoy the spicy cajun scents waft through the kitchen as you enjoy a drink.

Brush that Sauce

Time to get out that food brush to slather our shrimp skewers with that melted cajun butter sauce. If you look close enough, you can spot some chunks of garlic and red pepper flakes.

Fire up the Grill

I think the best way to cook up your shrimp skewers is on the grill to get those perfect grill marks. Luckily I’ve had this George Foreman grill sitting in our pantry for the longest time. Thanks to my dad because he was going to get rid of it, and I was like no way.

Cajun Shrimp Skewers

After all of that, the grilled cajun shrimp skewers are finally all done and ready to eat. I wish the grill marks came through more visibly, but at least I got some nice crust on a couple of the shrimp. Each shrimp was succulent and spicy and transported you to the bayous of Louisiana. I should have saved some of that savory butter sauce for extra dipping to have the flavors explode even more.

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This Happy Hour was done all because of a single ingredient that I spotted last minute. I ask you this, what meal have you prepared out of inspiration from the last-minute purchase of an item?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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  1. I recently altered a chicken recipe I use based on an impulse black garlic purchase I made last minute. The result was, I think the recipe tastes better with regular garlic, but I'd never seen it heard of black garlic before, so I just had to give it a try.

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