Outdoor Happy Hour: Twenty Eight

On this particular Friday, I actually had the day off! My work was kind enough to give us the day off since this year the 4th of July landed on a Saturday. My dad had the day off and both he and Christine needed to run a bunch of errands and were in the area. So my dad suggested maybe we could find a Happy Hour outside on a nice patio. I was a little hesitant at first but I said I would call around the area.

Twenty Eight

After a couple of calls and scouring through the internet I had found the perfect spot. One of the questions I asked was are you guys busy? I did not want to be in a super crowded place with a bunch of people. Luckily when I called Twenty Eight they said they were not busy at all.

Google Building

The restaurant is surrounded by looming office buildings and one of those buildings has the Google name on it. Walking around I noticed the whole courtyard was deserted. This makes sense since a majority of office workers are either working from home or also had July 3rd off.

The Bar

As soon as you walk into the restaurant you see that there is not a single table in sight. This was either the first or second day where California banned all dining inside restaurants. This place definitely took that literally and made sure no one could sit inside. The bar was actually a walk-up bar With a barrier on most of it and one could order drinks and food.

Nice Decor

I know I mentioned how they got rid of all of the tables and chairs but that doesn’t mean they didn’t spruce up the inside a bit. They had some lovely greenery that really popped against the dark wooden floors.

Social Hour Menu

I’d say this is probably one of the more bare Happy Hour Menus I’ve seen on my Adventures. Although I guess in this case it is actually a Social Hour, which the only social interaction I’m having is with my parents. That really is the case because of the fact we were the only ones in the restaurant! I’d say it doesn’t get more socially distant than that while we enjoy items that range from $4 to $9.

Margarita on Tap

Christine ended up ordering the Margarita on tap. Obviously, during these times we aren’t really sipping each other’s drinks so I just have Christine’s description of it to go off of. She says it was a great classic margarita! Plus I noticed that the rim was salted and you know how much I love salt on the rim of my margarita from my Tortilla Jo’s Adventure

Passionfruit Martini

Now off to the drink I would be partaking for this Adventure. There was one drink that stood out to me for being the most unique out of all of the others, the Passionfruit Martini. I’ve definitely had my fair share of martinis on my Adventures but nothing so exotic. The first sip really puckers your lips from the sourness of the drink. But after that first punch of sour, it is quite refreshing especially sitting on a nice outdoor patio.

Kung Pao Chicken Wings

Everyone is familiar with the classic Chinese dish Kung Pao chicken. But have you had those same flavors as a chicken wing vessel? I can certainly say that this was my first time experiencing these flavors of a traditional Chinese dish in a classic Happy Hour item. One of the first things that help to scream in your face that it has Kung Pao chicken flavors is from the peanuts on top. But enough of the look of crispy saucy wings let’s talk flavors.

Stacked Wings

I find the best wings are those with a crispy exterior and that nice juicy tender chicken meat. The sauce is what hits you first are those lovely spicy notes of chili peppers and peppercorns. Another nice touch is having that extra texture of those crushed peanuts scattered over the wings. Definitely some of the best wings I’ve had on my Adventures so far.

Smoked Duck Tacos

Next up is the Smoked Duck Tacos! Look at that! Three tacos, so the perfect amount for each of our group to have a single taco. Another thing that I liked they did was to place each taco on its own little slip of wrapper paper. This allows us to easily pick up the taco without coming in contact with the other’s taco.

My Taco

I’ve had my fair share of duck but this is another first for me. I have never had a duck in taco format before. I for sure was not disappointed by it whatsoever. You get that nice fresh slaw of cabbage and carrots and a touch of micro cilantro. Then your taste buds finally reach the smoked duck which was so tender and flavorful. It truly was one taco one may never think to order.

Beautiful blooming tree

I know I cracked down and ended up going out but honestly, I felt safer dining outside with my family than going into a crowded grocery store with strangers. Also whenever the server came around I made sure to take my cloth napkin to cover my mouth or mask if my mouth was clean. It is important to protect both myself and the people that are out there working in the real world. This Happy Hour Adventure was very much needed and after next week’s Adventure, we ended up doing a back to back Happy Hour Adventure, I will have gotten my fix.

Website: Twenty Eight







Since this was our first outdoor Happy Hour Adventure since indoor dining shut down I have this question. What is your favorite outdoor dining restaurant that you enjoy going to?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share to friends that would enjoy this Happy Hour

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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